Saturday, November 17, 2007

Think He Might Need Another Session

Half an Hour of Trotting

I think Tucker might need another acupuncture session. He was a little more crabby today about the first trot transition and not at all happy about cantering. Although the canter departs did get better, when he cantered on the left lead he really did want to carry his haunches out. To me, that means he was trying to keep his right stifle from having to "twist" itself under his body.

I was able to hold him straight, but I kept feeling him trying to evade, so I suspect he is a little uncomfortable. I will call my vet on Monday and hope we can arrange something before the lesson on Tuesday of the week after. If not, the plan is for in hand work in the lesson, and Tucker seems perfectly happy to do that. I think my weight on his back helps create the discomfort in the joint/muscle. When I worked him on the lines the other day, he was really carrying himself with very little effort.

Having dealt with Russell R.'s stifle issues for nearly 20 years, I am confident this will come right and be quite manageable. It's just that in the meantime we will probably have a few bad days to face.

I rode Chance in the ring for about 10 minutes of trot schooling and he really is improving with his acceptance of the bit. If I keep up the "lining/riding/lining" pattern, I think he will come along really quickly. We went out on a slightly longer hack along the edge of the woods, back to the flooding area, and then back through the woods after the ring session. As it is supposed to rain tomorrow, I don't know how eager I will be to ride him, so I figured I treat him to the trail ride today.

As usual, he was a good boy. He was a little more tentative today, as if he wasn't quite as confident as usual, but he was fine. I even trotted a little on the field path on the way back. Out there, he really takes a good hold of the bit and stretches his head out, so that is good.

Toby was very clear about not being interested in any work today, so I left him alone...aside from the obligatory carrot.

When I was done, I went out and cleaned out the drainage "ditch" on the woods side of the arena. I have a low spot there and drain the water into an abandoned groundhog burrow on the other side of the fence. If it does rain, that should help the ring dry out faster.

Hope it's just showers tomorrow. I really would like to get some time in under saddle to see how Tucker acts. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.


  1. You mean you might have drowned a groundhog, Jean?? :-) ???

    Are they like rabbits here, cute, cuddly, lovely looking but actually a terrible nuisance and really vermin?

    I'm with you on the ulcer thing. I think lots of horses calming down because they are being given magnesium may actually be calming down because they are being given magnesium CARBONATE, an antacid.

  2. you've had better weather than us then...