Tuesday, June 30, 2015

For Romantic Horse Lovers

Here's Your Book!

The Loving Cup has been published and is available at Amazon for Kindle.  Other formats will be available soon at Smashwords.  And the paperback will follow.

Cristine Wilding’s finds her heart captured by the magnificent horses of Tarrywood and the two handsome Weston brothers who ride them--Steve, lighthearted and smiling, and Jim, brooding and haunted by the death of his wife.  But love doesn’t come easily to anyone in a world tangled in the mystery of Ellen Weston’s death.

Cristine’s determination to discover the truth takes her into the world of horse shows where magnificent jumpers clear huge fences in quest of glory.  But all is not as it seems when the quest for victory has a dangerous price. 

Ride along on the course to romance as Cristine solves the riddle of The Loving Cup. 


  1. Founds intriguing! Good luck with this.

  2. Meant sounds intriguing. Hate spell check! I should read before I hit send.