Friday, July 03, 2015

Toby Report

Vet Visit

Dr. Parisio was out to see Toby, and he looked just fine.

While she found nothing wrong with him, he did have a bit of a pulse in one front foot.  She took X-rays to be sure there was no laminitic rotation--none, and did say he has thin soles. That is not a surprise either--he is a Thoroughbred.

At any rate, I will probably have him shod and I will be keeping him off the grass during the day when the sugar content is highest.

Since he has Cushings--being treated with pergolide--he is prone to laminitis. He's had it before, so this could just be some sensitivity.

I usually do not have a lot of grass. I do not feed my pasture and normally, it's just kind of "nibble" stuff.  This summer, however, we have had a lot of rain and the grass just keep growing everywhere. Even my sand riding arena--I've not been riding, so it's just kind of going to nature--looks like pasture so some degree.

So, if the Boys get turned out, they can graze.

Speaking of rain, despite the forecast, we had more rain tonight. My Township was supposed to have its fireworks. Not sure if we did or not. I fell asleep on the couch sometime before 8 PM and didn't wake up again until after 2 AM.  Now, it's 4 AM and I am wide awake. (The perils of retirement) Usually, I hear the booming when there are fireworks displays, so I am suspicious they may have been canceled.

I don't go to the fireworks any more. I really don't like the crowds. Instead, I drive up to the Turnpike bridge to watch from a distance. Sometimes I can see four or five displays all at once. This year, though, that may not be since towns seem to be having their shows on different days.  Apparently, if a town chooses to have fireworks on days other than the 4th of July itself, there is a substantial discount. Again, I suspect my town chose July 2, as it was the lowest priced option. Friday and Saturday would be more popular days and the fireworks companies would likely charge more.

At any rate, I may have missed some last night--or not.

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  1. Glad to hear Toby is okay. My arenas are growing grass too. No matter if I drag it the weeds and grass seem to be back the next day. It's a losing battle. I'm thinking of seeding them and just having grass arenas!