Monday, June 29, 2015

So What's Up, Toby?

Strange Behavior

Toby, my old guy, has been acting strangely the last few days.  When the weather has been nice, the Boys have all been grazing out in the pasture.

Now, I do not have lush grass by any means, but with the rain we've had these last few weeks, there is definitely grass growing out there. Still, it certainly isn't enough for a horse to survive on for too long.

At any rate, several times now, when I have gone out to feed, particularly in the morning, the two younger horses, Tucker and Chance, have come in when I've called, but Toby has not.  I have gone out to give him a special invitation and he has just kind of meandered in.

I say "meandered" for a couple reasons. In the first place, he's walked very slowing with a little bit of a "strange" gait. Not lame, but just not normal. This morning he kind of wandered into the weeds near the gate before finally making his way to the barn. Once he's in, he eats just fine.

Of course, since he is a Cushing's horse, I do worry about laminitis and it could be he is having a mild bout. The grass may be a trigger. I do feel a pulse in his front feet, but not a lot of heat and he isn't pointing his feet or acting as if he doesn't want to stand on them.

I called the vet today and she will be out on Wednesday. In the meantime, I am keeping him in his stall--well bedded--and I've given him a dose of bute. I will give him more tomorrow and see how he is.

Since his walking gait was a bit cautious, it could be that his front feet hurt, but he doesn't seem to have an issue with going out to pasture, just coming back in. It's almost as if he doesn't care.

Strange, and not like him because he is normally very herd bound and would not want to stay out when the other two horses come in.  Even now, when he is in his stall, if the other Boys wander too far from the barn, he nickers to them.

If any laminitis exam shows nothing, I will have Dr. Parisio draw blood for a Lyme test. Otherwise, I just don't know.

Might need a call to the animal communicator if it keeps up.

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  1. I hope the vet has a definitive diagnosis for you tomorrow. It could be either laminitis or Lymes like you think it is. Good luck, fingers crossed for you for a good vet visit.