Thursday, May 21, 2015

Summer Visitor

Turkey Lurkey

I seem, as Grey Horse Matters has, to have been adopted by a wild turkey.

For several days now, a turkey has been lurking in my yard, most noticeably under the bird feeder.  He/she seems to have taken up residence somewhere nearby.  This morning when I went out he did not run away in panic when I greeted him. (Hard to tell if it's a Tom, but I thought I saw him displaying himself the other day and I don't think the females do that.)

Anyhow, for now, it is just "Turkturk" and as long as we both keep a respectful distance from each other, I'm fine with that.

I did snap a few pictures from afar.

Fence repair courtesy of baling twine, for now.

Tucker looks a bit skeptical.

This is the first time in a couple years that I've had visiting fowl. 

The last time it was a little flock of one Tom and several females. I don't know if wild turkerys are generally loners or if this is just a short stay.

Either way, I will keep my eye on him so he doesn't get too territorial and decide it's his yard and not mine. 

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  1. I think mine were attracted to the bird feeder. I don't get too close. They're kinda big! Interesting watching them though.