Monday, May 04, 2015

Out Walking

A Little Sore in the Saddle

I am going to my orthopedic doctor on Wednesday to consult about my hip. I'm pretty sure the pin holding the rod through my bone--pretty grisly, sorry--is causing me pain in the thigh muscle. Sometimes it scales up to a full 10. And it does hurt when I ride. So, if there is no solution, I will just push on through, but if there is a remedy, I'll baby myself a bit longer.

I am still exercising, mostly walking. I'd swim, but the indoor pool is 14 miles away and I really have to motivate myself to make the drive. Maybe tomorrow when I will already be out and partway there on another little trip.

So today I hiked out to the back of the woods, took the hairpin turn under the power lines, crossed back along the farm we preserved and then headed home. These are great farm roads for walking and for trail rides. It's nice and open with good footing and plenty of options. My walk took about an hour. On horseback? Perhaps 45 minutes or so. It's easy to stretch the horseback ride to longer by taking some of the side options.

Here are some pictures of the trails.

This is back of the farm we preserved.

Looking at the preserved farmhouse area from the woods.

Turnpike and warehouses just across the farm field.

Trail along the edge of the woods with a nice little hill.

One of the trails going into or out of the woods.

Another neat little farm road heading to the tree farm.

Looking my pasture fenceline from the woods.

The Boys in the pasture with trees down from all the storms.

Chance by himself. Neighbor's house in background. 

Toby and Tucker amid the fallen trees. The tree trunks are replacing the fencing that got broken

My pasture is not lush, but none of my Boys need rich grass. Toby has Cushings , while Tucker and Chance stay fat on air. There's enough growth to keep them amused and not enough to make them sick. 


  1. I hope your doctor finds a solution. Fingers crossed.

  2. I hope your doctor can help you too. Good luck.

    Great pictures! Looks like a nice place to ride or walk.