Saturday, May 09, 2015

Some Things Just Strike Me As Funny

Those Internet Slide Shows

People on Facebook are always posting lists of things with accompanying web likes to slide shows.

I hate that. The slides take forever to go through and often there is just a bit of explanatory text under a picture and you have to click over and over to get the full. story. I don't know what the reasoning is behind that unless it's to maximize the number of pages the viewer has to click through to get the information so more advertisers can have their say.

Every now and then, however, when actually have the patience to check out all the photos of, say, the "20 Worst Car Parkers in the World," I do find some little gem that really makes me laugh.

My sense of humor varies. Sometimes things other people claim are truly *roflol* tend to leave me gaping in confusion, or simply stone-faced. I do love clever jokes, plays on words, and all those moments in life when something unexpected happens--only if absolutely no one gets hurt.

Then, there are moments like this one, usually involving animals that strike my funnybone.

So here goes. I think I found the original site and do give it credit.

Somehow that cat managed a perfect imprint of one foot. Is it real? Who knows, but it surely looks that way. I can't find too many details about it. There is one web site with dozens of nasty comments about how dirty and nasty cats are, so that does spoil it.

But,stop, and imagine yourself in your own kitchen making pies. Hopefully, you'd have a cat, otherwise, I'd be a bit worried. 

Would you laugh or cry?

I'd grab the camera, take a picture and finish the pie. Baking will kill almost anything, and besides, we animal people have a different perspective on germs than the rest of the world.

Don't we?


  1. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Now, don't try this at home, as they say - grab (cooperative, friendly) cat with one arm under the middle, hold front leg with other hand and press paw onto pie crust . . .

  2. Funny. I'd just bake the pie and hope the paw print remained! It would add a certain something special to it. Maybe even change the pies name to Kitty Pie.

  3. I despise the slide shows too, but like you find the occasional gem! Thanks for sharing - love it!