Friday, January 09, 2015

Water, Water

Everywhere, Especially in the Barn

Got the water working. As I suspected the valve/pipe was frozen in the well pit.

I put the electric heater in there for about an hour and a half, and sure enough, the water was working again in the barn.  I put a styrofoam cooler over the valve with a plastic bag inside full of hay. Then I put another bag with hay on top and a winter horse blanket. For now, I'll leave the blanket, but I want to have it in the barn for the horses. I'll find something insulating in the house to replace it tomorrow and put in some more insulating hay.

I waited until it had warmed up a bit in the afternoon to tackle the job. I had to cart a step ladder out there so I could climb in and out of the pit, and it took two extension cords to make it all the way. With my knees, it was a pretty tiring job. But I managed just fine.

And I had some more exercise carting buckets of water from the house again in the meantime to fill the water trough.  Glad I don't have to do that again...well, unless the insulation doesn't work and the valve freezes again. Left all the gear in the barn so if I do need to do the job again the stuff is handy.

Missed "kodak moment"
I meant to tell you all about this yesterday and forgot with the water crisis. I missed a wonderful funny photo opportunity by not stopping on the way to and from the hay place to take a picture. I only had my flip camera, but I think it does have a camera. When I finally realized I had that option, the picture was gone.

So, let words do.

There, by the side of the road was a garbage can with a deer draped over it. Antlers sagging, head drooping, a sad picture for sure.

The punch line? It was one of those nylon Christmas inflatables that apparently had outlived its inflatable life.

Dead draped deer on a garbage can
Memory of time gone by
Flanked by puddled snowman
Despite the freezing temps.
Red suited Santa dieted from
Fat to flat 
Heaped forgotten on the lawn.
Let the air out of Christmas.


  1. Hope the water doesn't freeze again. It's supposed to get cold here over the weekend again.

    Glad it wasn't a real deer. Bet you did a double take with that one. Like your poem.

  2. We use horse blankets to insulate our well pipes, too. Tacky, but effective.

  3. Anonymous5:38 AM

    Glad the water's working again! Winter housekeeping . . . Funny poem . . . very appropriate.

  4. horse rugs are very good insulation for stuff.....