Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Winter is A-Comin' In

Ahd Chance and Tucker are Frisky

At last Chance was frolicking. 

I know in the realm of horse worlds, this should not be a huge deal, but it's the first time I have actually seen Chance romping about since all his physical ailments. 

The Lyme disease slowed him down to a walk. Then, whatever foot soreness was plaguing him, gave him a limp. 

We put on bar shoes with wedge pads, and that helped. Then he lost a shoe and got sore. 

Since then, Scott reshod him and he still had  bit of a limp, although he was certainly cheerier. 

Yesterday, he and Tucker decided galloping about was fun and the two of them were ripping around the paddocks. Chance was decidedly taking the lead on the bucking, frolicking, kicking up his heels game, that's for sure. It was hard to tell how sound he was since he hardly ever trotted. But instead he was running full out and didn't stop when Tucker saw me coming out to the barn for dinner time. 

Now, mind you, Tuck is one of those horses I call a "stomach" horse, meaning he is highly motivated by food. Chance is not. While he likes his treats, he can be a bit slow about coming in for meals if he has something better to do. 

Apparently, cavorting was something better to do. 

Frankly, I was delighted. I haven't actually seen him having such an energetic good time in a long while. I'm sure it's not his first romp, but it's the first one I saw. 

It made me smile. 


  1. I know what you mean, how delightful it is to see a horse move happily. Guess he feels safe and comfortable now doing it - great to see!

  2. Go Chance! So glad he's feeling good enough to cavort around with his pals.