Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Slow Ride on a Fine Horse

Stretching Helps

It was a gorgeous day today so I spent some time outside.

My first order of business was to take a walk in the woods with my pruning saw. A tree branch had fallen across a critical part of the main trail and I intended to cut it out. Bless someone else because when I got there, the branch had been cleared. That meant the trail was open again for riding.

I walked the rest of the trail clearing as many other branches out of the way...mostly chunks of branches, and affirmed that the entire trail was rideable.

All I needed was to be able to ride.

When I got back home, I sat on my barrel and stretched my hip and thigh muscles. Then I decided it was worth it to see if I could sit on Chance.

The dear boy was right by the barn and quite pleased for me to take him inside for some special attention. The other two critters were in the front paddock area munching on some hay. I gave them each a small scoop of alfalfa cubes to keep them busy and saddled Chance up.

Well, mounting was no problem and when I eased myself into the saddle, I had some pain--mostly in my right hip...the one I did not break...and my left knee where the residual pain from the broken hip side seems to settle. Blessings be, I was able to sit and even use my legs to nudge Chance away from the gate to the woods trail--a location he was drawn to like super glue.

We took several short circuits around the arena at a walk. It was SOOOO much better than the last time I tried to ride.

I am encouraged at last. It's obvious I still need to do some more stretching and suppling but the progress I've made so far without a lot of serious, dedicated effort is heartening. That means if I just step it up a little and persist, all will be well.

Maybe by this time next week, I will be able to take the my fine boy Chance on a trail ride.

It's a goal, that's for sure.


  1. Yeah, good for you! I bet you're riding the trails soon.

  2. Good that things felt a bit better - every time will improve if you just inch along at it. Nice to sit on a horse!