Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Not the Best News I've Ever Had

The blood work on Toby and Chance came back today.

Toby's Cushings numbers are up. He's running around  ATCH 132 where normal is somewhere around 30.  I am not 100% sure had had his meds the morning the blood was taken, but even so, it would not make that much of a difference within an hour. Besides, he'd had it every other day prior to that, and 132 is pretty elevated.

I will be upping his dose of Pergolide from 1/2 tab a day to a full tablet.

Chance's bloodwork for Lyme disease returned a chronic infection count at 3350. Considering that prior to treatment with antibiotics his count was at 7301, the 50% drop is considered a success. Dr. Klayman said there was no need for further treatment and that the count was likely never going to be too much lower.

My research so far agrees.

With the cold weather the ground has frozen so I can't evaluate Chance's gait. He was having a little trouble in some areas of the paddock, but the ground was really lumpy.

This weather stinks. It is far too early to be this cold. My water hose is frozen and I need to get a new heater for the barn water trough. Of course, I will go buy one tomorrow, a then on Sunday it's going to be back up around 50F.

But we are blessed here. I guess most of you saw the pictures of the snow around Buffalo, New York.  Several hours from here, thank goodness.  My heart goes out to all the people drying to deal with it. Talk about overkill.

My acupuncturist used to live in Toronto, Canada and kind of shrugged. "We used to just dig a tunnel out of the house and go to school."  Oh, my. Even I have trouble imagining that.

Guess we must never underestimate the weather.


  1. I've had the same experience with Cushings - sometimes the dosage of the meds does have to change.

    Glad Chance's Lyme numbers are down - very encouraging.

  2. as wondering if you were affected by that storm; glad to hear, not.

  3. Hopefully upping Toby's meds will help with his Cushings. Good to hear Chance is responding well to his meds.

    I can't believe how much snow they got in Buffalo. My cousin lives there and sent me some pictures. It's ridiculous. they are just making paths to get out of the house. They're worried about when it all starts to melt.