Monday, September 22, 2014

Book Published Up On Kindle

Available in a Day, They Say

If all is well, Kingdom Beyond the Rim will be available on Kindle at Amazon sometime tomorrow.

Selling price is $2.99USD.  I expect future books will go for a bit more but we shall see. It should be available worldwide.

I am having a few issues with the cover for the print edition of the novel. Once I work that out, it will be available for about $16.00.  That is the lowest price I could set considering the book is over 600 pages long in the format I had to set.

It has been read by several people and I've gotten really good feedback, so I'm hopeful you will all enjoy it. It is the first in a series of four novels, with some shorter stories/novelettes in between. All of them are written and just awaiting another proofread.

I started writing Kingdom back in 1984 and somehow just kept on writing. I sent it to some publishers along the way, but it was almost impossible back then to get a book published without a literary agent. And agents did not want to take on authors who had not been published. Caught in the vicious circle, I wrote on anyhow, determined to finish the entire set of books.

Now with electronic publishing and self-publishing, it's no longer a problem. The only problem is getting people to read what you've published.

Here's the blurb on Kingdom.

Bred by Magic, born by Magic, blessed by Magic, and cursed by Magic, Jamus seeks his destiny in the enchanted realm of Magiskeep. There, in a world reflecting our own  where the sun rises in the west, the young Magician must face a tormenting nightmare and the dangerous ambition of Sagari, the powerful Master of Magiskeep.

On his journey of self-discovery, Jamus travels from the Way of Mirrors, to the illusion-filled mountains of the Rim and into the mortal lands of Turan’s Provinces. Along the way, he encounters lords and commoners, Sorcerers and Seers. The world opens before him in the inescapable prophecies of Turan’s Way as the turbulent waters of Magic’s River sweep him along on an epic adventure. 

There are horses aplenty and some are very significant in the story's development. 

If you like fantasy, I think you will enjoy my novel. I'd love to have you read it. 


  1. 1984 - when Gus was born! How nice that publishing is now available for all! I suppose we all publish daily, in a way, when we post on FB.

    Not being very internet/computer savvy - I wonder if I can download it onto ibooks? I don't have a kindle. Need to wait for Dave to return for info on downloading/buying for ibooks.

    1. I will send you a copy of the file.

  2. Congratulations! A very big achievement.

  3. Congratulations! It must feel very satisfying to finally have your work published. I'll check it out when it becomes available. Good luck..