Sunday, September 21, 2014

Almost There

With the Book, At Least.

I have the book uploaded to Amazon for the print version, but I still have to figure out how to format the cover. I have some more computery friends looking at the template I downloaded to see what I need to do. I have a feeling I don't at the moment have the software I need to format it.

Took me all day to get the text formatted to fit the page sizes and all that stuff. One version of the book had 780 pages and Amazon only accepts 760 as a max. I tried to edit things out, but everything I take out impacts something significant that happens in the plot. It makes it hard to delete things. Anyhow, by going to a smaller font size, I managed to end up with 634 pages. It worked.

So, I am every closer to publication. Tonight, if I can stay awake long enough, I hope to see what I need to do to download the Kindle version. I will keep you all posted.

On the horse front, Chance is now sporting a pair of very elevated wedge pads under some bar shoes. Scott, my farrier, found a lesion above Chance's coronary band which we thought might be making him lame. But when my vet came out, he didn't think it was a problem. Still, I am medicating it and wrapping it. Chance is currently penned up in his stall and the run in shed roof on the west side of the barn.

He's a good boy about it, and it's keeping the bandage on pretty well. The current plan is to keep him confined until the injury heals. The next step is to put him on a daily dose of Previcox and start some light riding.

Guess it's another case of wait and see. I haven't lunged him with the new shoes yet. With such a radical change, I'd much rather let him get used to them first and the confined area lets him to do that gradually.

Meanwhile, I had new roofing put on the garage to satisfy my new homeowner's insurance company. My neighbor and I spent the week before clearing bushes and tree branches away from the house and garage. I also did a lot of painting to satisfy the underwriters. I hope they like the roof.

On another front, I had an allergy blood panel done for food allergies and I am at least slightly allergic to nearly everything I like to eat. The saddest thing on the list is tomatoes. Jersey tomatoes are wonderful this year and I can't eat them. Can't eat lettuce, celery, mushrooms, green beans, milk, wheat, ....the list goes on. Trying to find what I can eat is an adventure.

I only show a slight allergy to many of the foods, but I decided to try to stay off everything to see of it makes any difference in either my joint pains or my sinus allergies. So far, no difference.

Another case of wait and see.

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  1. but if you stay off EVERYTHING you'll starve Jean, and that's no good...

    but what i really want to know, is what on earth external paint has to do with the price of home insurance? that's very random...