Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Planning Ahead and Chance Looks Good

So Far.....

So good. I lunged Chance for about five minutes this morning. There may have been a little "hitch" in his right hind when he started but it seemed to work out. The biggest problem was the flies. Deer flies from the woods kept attacking him, so he was fussy and unsteady that way. Did not really see any lameness.

I need to take him out after dark when it cools and humid today already by 9AM.  That way I can evaluated him better without his fly sheet on. Last time I tried to lunge him without the sheet, he got attacked by the B52 bomber fly and was completely frantic.

We have had quite a bit of rain this summer, making it super good breeding conditions for all kinds of bitey flies. They are most happy to gnaw on the horses and me whenever they get the chance.

I also have a fence repair to do. The well pit in the front paddock was fenced in...until sometime last night. Somebody not only broke on of the fence posts but he also dragged three loose fence rails about 15 feet away under the apple tree and the post itself along with another attached rail to the same spot.  This took a bit of effort and smacks of Chancework. I'd like to think he's the culprit, mostly becuase it would mean he's feeling better. Then again, could be all three conspired.  Who knows?

Ah well, work ahead. Don't have an extra post on hand, I don't think. Have to figure something out. In the meantime, I've managed a temporary fix with baling twine kind of holding things together. What would a farm be without baling twine? *G*

Planning ahead. we are working on the cover for the second novel. Here is a version. Comments?


  1. The horse looks very annoyed that his rider is with the dragon. That's exactly how Spider would react! *lol*

    Glad to hear Chance is doing better, even if it means broken fences. I'll take broken fences over sick horses any day!

  2. Glad Chance is improving.

    It would be good if the elements of the picture - dragon and human in foreground, and horse in background, were larger - maybe different cropping? - I found the background distracting.

  3. Glad to hear Chance is doing well enough to disassemble fences!

    I like the cover.