Saturday, August 16, 2014

Not Much New

All's Well At Follywoods

Still treating Chance with the antibiotics--a week to go. Last time I lunged him, he looked pretty good. I am hoping all will be well.

On my front, my doctor at the chiro office talked me out of the Lyme test, but my regular chiropractor talked me back into it, so I am going to my primary care doctor to see if she will order one. In the meantime, I am going back to the chiro doctor--he is a regular physician--to have him order allergy tests which can be done there by another doctor specialist. My chiropractor said sometimes knee/joint replacements trigger allergies in people that can have all kinds of impacts.

Current thinking is that some of the issues with my knees, my hip, and other joint aches might be allergy related if not Lyme. I am certainly pretty darn functional, so it's not that I can't do things, but joints do get sore and my knees actually get some swelling. Could well just be due to old injuries to the ligaments that remain, but I would like to eliminate causes I might be able fix a little better.

Neural therapy and prolotherapy worked for a while, and more prolo might be a good option to tighten the ligaments, but I am already paying off a pretty hefty medical bill there--insurance won't pay for "experimental treatments"--and would rather not run it up any higher. So, it's a wait and see.

I finally took a short walk in the field roads yesterday, first one since the hip. Felt pretty good for about 20 minutes of hiking. If I can keep it up along with the swimming which is fine, I think I can trim myself down a bit more. Gained a few pounds after the hip thing. Not a lot, but annoying after having lost so much.

Still have not ridden. I'm waiting for Chance. Then I will see how it feels. Might still be uncomfortable with the hip. I'm amazed at how long it's taking for the muscle to quite complaining, but from everything I've read it's quite normal. Yuck.

The final book in my fantasy series is nearly done. As soon as I finish, I will be going back to Book #1...the one with the cover I posted...and get it into final format for Amazon. So, I'm still on schedule to get it into publication before October. Should be fun.

After it's published, the next one is a collection of novelettes that bridge the story between novels 1 & 2. Then, novel 2 itself,  another novelette and then the final two main novels. The third book will probably be done in two volumes as it's really long.

I am determined to get them all done and published. They've been sitting far too long.

And I've been sitting far too long. Exercise program is on the least for now.


  1. Sounds like Chance is doing well. I hope you get your hips and knees sorted out and feel better soon. Maybe by the time Chance is completely better you will be too and be able to have some nice rides.

    The books sound interesting and it's always good to stay right on track with your timing. That should keep you motivated to continue writing. Good luck with everything.

  2. well, heather mofett posted a photo today of luis de valenca back on a horse after having both hips done; so if he can, you can, LOL

  3. Glad Chance seems to be feeling a bit better - that's encouraging.

    Hope they figure out something to make you feel better.

    The book project is very impressive - sounds like a lot of work.