Saturday, August 23, 2014

Another Cover

But What's the Title?

OK, as I said, I actually have about seven completed novels or novelettes to publish. Remember, I started writing back in 1984, so this is not all that impressive.

Anyhow. Two stories/novelettes that bridge the story between the first two main novels are called: "Vows" and "Everafter."  They chronicle the rather complex adventures where my hero, Jamus, and his love, Salene, try to get married and have a honeymoon. Needless to say, there are forces in the world that do not believe in allowing them to have an easy time of it. (How could a fantasy novel go any other way?)

Anyhow, my amazing friend Dave has created the cover for the combined stories.  I could simply call it "Vows" or something else....short. We don't want to ruin the cover art with a long title. So, any suggestions appreciated.

Here is the cover. Dave still wants to tweak a few things, but I love it.....
Kind of sums it all up....

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  1. The cover is beautiful. Can't help with a title though I'm bad at that kind of stuff.