Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vet Visit

No News? Good news?

My vet was here all morning doing tests on Chance. He did another nerve block to see if the issue was in the pastern. That was inconclusive so he went to Xrays. Nothing out of the ordinary showed up except perhaps a bit of roughening/arthritis in Chance's middle hock joint.

Then he ultrasounded both hind legs. That way if he saw anything unusual in the right hind, he could compare the left hind to see if whatever it was was normal for Chance. I am a bit relieved to say he found nothing.

That's a good news/bad news result. Good news in that it eliminates suspensory and ligament injury, but bad news in that it does not really provide any answer as to why Chance is lame.

His final decision was to give Chance a steroid injection in the suspicious hock. Chance will stay in today, and then have turnout in his little run in shed for tomorrow and the next day. My vet will be back in 9-10 days to do another exam to see if the injection made any difference.

So, while we have eliminated most of the more serious lower limb concerns, we still do not have any definitive answers. I am hopeful the hock injection will make a difference.

Debbie, my horsesitter took the role of assistant for me. She brought her two sons with her who were an amazing help in setting up the run in shed as a pen for Chance.

My friend Chris was going to be here, but last night her mother was rushed to the hospital and I am terribly sad to say, she passed away this morning. I can only send my prayers and love to Chris at this time. A loss like this is never easy.


  1. It's always so frustrating to not get a definitive answer where our horses lameness is the question. I hope the injection helps. It may be that he's just got arthritis and feels ouchy on and off.

    Such a shame about Chris's mother. I hope she will be alright and feel better in the future. It's so devastating to lose a parent.

  2. Well, I guess that is good news. Hocks are common places for lameness problems so maybe that's it.

    Poor Chris - what a shock for her.

    I hope you are continuing to improve and will be out and about more and more.

  3. as you say, nothing is good.

    sorry for Chris's loss, a shock, clearly