Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedty Jig

Tired Out

I am home at last. I guess they got tired of me in the hospital.

I am on my crutches, which is a good thing as I am able to get around really well on them. My leg is still sore, but things take time to heal after a surgery. I can put all my weight on it when I stand still but trying to push off with it to take a step is a bit "ouchy."

While I was in the hospital, a cadre of my friends decided to take it upon themselves to clean my house. It was rather a mess, to say the least and when I came home they were in the final stages of a thorough cleansing. Not sure what's missing at the moment, but most likely, I won't notice what's been thrown out for a while.

The trouble for the moment is trying to find out where things have been put. There was enough reorganization that I don't know where to look for things.

I was taken aback by the work everyone did for me and am grateful. To say I have mixed feelings is an understatement. It was unsettling to find out how many people had been here to pitch in. There was even a bunch of work done in the yard. I had a lot of tree branches down from the winter and some other yard tidying issues at play there.

So for now, all I will say is, "Thank you, all."  I will do my best to keep the house in better shape from now on in.

But, for now, my body needs to heal. Surprisingly, I did not sleep well last night. My bed does not have all the nice adjustments the hospital bed had and since I am still stuck sleeping on my back--can't roll over on the surgery leg side and when I try the other side, the surgery leg protests--I need to get "just right" to be comfortable.

I finally had the brilliant idea of taking my pain meds in the wee hours of the morning. That helped a lot. Apparently what I thought was a minor nagging pain in the hip was actually worse and once I calmed that down I did manage a few winks. Tonight, I'll try the meds before I go to bed the first time and see if that makes a difference.

I have to keep reminding myself a broken hip is not a minor injury and since I am not as young as I once was, it's going to take longer to fully recover than I'd like. Frustrating indeed, but I will just have to learn to be patient.

I didn't actually visit the horses yet, sad to say. It rained quite a bit and everything is soggy out there. I'm not sure how the crutches would work in the mud, so I have to wait until someone comes to visit to spot me.  My vet is coming this morning and some horse friends are supposed to show up to help out. He'd be fine without the extra hands as he will bring his own assistant, but having the help would be really good.

Hope everyone shows up as promised.


  1. So glad you are home. Taking the meds before bed is a good idea. I'm sure you've already tried this in your quest to get comfy but in case you haven't I used to put a pillow between my legs. It helps take the pressure off if you're on your side.

    So nice of your friends to help you out. Truthfully, I wouldn't care where they put anything a clean house (that I didn't have to do) would suit me just fine.

    Heal quickly and feel better soon.

  2. Glad that you're home! It's supposed to be nice for the rest of this week, take it easy and enjoy the weather!

    Every time I've had pain meds, I've always been warned by the nurses to take them before I feel like I need them. Apparently, they work better if you take them before the pain gets too bad.

    I'd be a little annoyed if somebody rearranged my stuff, too. But, it's better than cleaning up myself! Rest up and feel better soon!

  3. if you have a recliner, you may find that of more benefit than bed for sleeping.... certainly works for me when the joints are really bad! and no question of accidentally trying to turn over in your sleep, either...

  4. I hope you are finding things. Perhaps there is a logic to it all that you are now discovering.

    I agree that a broken hip is not a minor injury!!! Don't forget that every day it heals a little more, even if you can't tell. I hope the pain meds are helping and that you have figured out the optimal timing. Here's to a good night's sleep!