Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tomorrow is Another Day

We Ride a Little

I've given Chance bute for three days now and still haven't had an opportunity to check to see how sound he is.

Yesterday, I did my morning swim for an hour and then headed out to the eye doctor to collect the new contact lenses to replace the ones with the wrong prescription. On the way there, I had to, of course, stop at a few shopping malls, just on general principle.

By the time I got home it was nearly time to head back out for my knee doctor's appointment. They called to say the doctor was running about a half hour late, so I had time to feed the Boys before leaving.  Good thing I did. The doctor was running nearly two hours late from my appointment time. It was well after dark when I got back home again.

A bit later Christina, my endurance friend called, to see if I would go out riding with her today. I said we'd have to do a short ride and take it easy as I'd just had my knees injected. All was well.

We rode out this morning, I on JJ and Chris on Nordisk. It was a beautiful cool fall morning. We headed across the street to the preserved farm to ride around the cornfield. About half way out, we heard the sound of a loud engine which seemed to be approaching on the dirt road we were riding. The corn is so high it's impossible to see around the bend where the engine noise was coming from. With discretion the better part of valor--to over use a cliche just for the heck of it--we turned the boys around and headed back to safety.

Whatever was making the noise never showed up and to this hour, I am not sure what it was. I do believe the farmer is harvesting the corn and may have been working back there. Or it could have been the power line guys who have been trimming the brush and trees under the high tension lines. Or it could have been something else.

Either way, we were fine. We headed around a smaller field, let the horses graze for a while on some nice green grass, and then, we headed back for home. All told we were out for about an hour.

JJ was his usual steady self and Nordisk, though a little more frisky than he's been, was a good boy too. He's still a little spooky at strange looking things along the trail, but his spooks are mostly sudden stops in place until he realizes the "monster" really isn't in attack mode. Then he settles right down again. With some more mileage under his girth, he's going to be one super endurance/trail horse.

When I got back home, I tried to figure out what I was going to do with my now dead living room TV set. It gave its last gasp last night. I'd been planning on replacing it, but was going to save up the money first.

Not to be. I found a way to order a new set--the one I wanted--and then needed to find a way to dispose of the old one.

After a few hours of Internet investigation and some phone calls, I discovered the Best Buy has a recycling program for old electronic equipment. Sure enough the Best Buy not too far from me participates.

The old set weighs a lot and was very bulky, so I had to call on a friend from choir to come help me. Richard was available and came over soon after I called him. We lugged the old set into my truck and headed off to Best Buy.

All we had to do was wheel the carcass into the store and in short order a really nice young clerk rolled it away to the recycling, thanking us for being "so responsible" by turning it in to them. Apparently they reap a lot of materials from old electronic stuff so it's a good way to get rid of things like that.

I went to Pet Smart next to pick up some cat food and then headed home, stopping for a slice of pizza on the way.

Home again, I hooked up my mini TV in the living room until the new one arrives and then it was time to feed the Boys.

Guess I will check out Chance tomorrow. By then, my knees will be ready for a little more exercise and he will have had enough time on the bute to feel better too.

Good thing I am retired. I'd never have enough time to get everything done if I were still working all day.



  1. You really have been busy. It's good you are retired and have more time to do things. I think it's great you've been getting out on the trails in this weather.

    Wish I had more time. Normally I would but I've also got two doctors appointments this week. Hope the knees are feeling better and Chance is doing well too.

  2. As always, I enjoy reading your posts. How nice to find a store that uses parts of old TV's. Old electronics are a huge problem now and it's only going to get worse. I totally agree with turning the horses around. I always opt for the safer choice!