Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Back Out


My ride in the hills cost my back a rather painful few days. My pelvis tends to go "out" of alignment now and then and either it, or an issue in my lower back started a flareup.

No biggie. I've done this to myself dozens of times before. Usually some heat will loosen up the muscle and, in this case, I took some Valerian to also help the stressed muscles relax.

But, I went to the chiropractor for a much needed adjustment anyhow. I'd had a good swim in the morning, so I was feeling a lot better when I got to the doctor, but it was clear things were not right.

I had issues with my pelvis, my lumbar vertebrae and some neck vertebrae out of alignment as well.

The adjustment was Monday afternoon and I was still sore in the evening. I was much better on Tuesday, but still opted out of any serious exercise--especially riding--hoping to keep everything in place.

This morning, I went for an hour's swim along with my leg lift water exercises. They stretch my back, build up my abdominals and core muscles, and work my legs. Once again I felt even better after my time in the water.

I still may wait until tomorrow to ride again. The weather seems to have taken a turn back to summer around here with temperatures in the mid 80's F.

I do need to get into some kind of riding routine, but another day or so won't matter too much.

And the Boys don't seem to care. They are happy just hanging out being horses.

WARNNG: Political Rant

The impasse in Congress over funding the government is intolerable.

I do not disguise the fact that I am a Liberal, so the Right Wing's agenda is far from mine. I am totally disgusted with their insistence that somehow gutting the Affordable Care Act has to be part of a budget deal to pay the United States's bills and keep our government running. Frankly, they have acted like spoiled children being denied a piece of candy at the checkout counter. Healthcare for our citizens and the budget should not even be on the same menu.

The Democrats in the Senate are standing firm, but to my eyes, their position is much more solid. It's not  a matter of bargaining away something this country has needed for years to accommodate the desires of the political opposition. Nor should the President back down.

A clean, simple funding bill, with no strings attached would keep our government running and solve the problem. I actually think that if Mr. Boehner had the political courage to put that bill before the House of Representatives, there's s good chance it would pass. Instead, he's catering to a radical wing of his party in order to curry their favor and look like a Tea Party hero.

Enough already. The security of the country is more important than a petty agenda. The security of thousands of Federal workers lives, now at risk due to losses in pay, is more important than a petty agenda. The security of our economic stability is more important than a petty agenda.

And besides, why shouldn't thousands of Americans be able to buy health insurance when they could not before?

RANT OVER: For now.


  1. i don't mind that political rant. beyond me, as a socialist, why insurance or profit should have anything to do with healthcare for the population.....and as for shutting the entire country down? that will come back and bite them on the backside big time......

  2. I hope it will Claire! I am of the same political bent as Jean and I find it unbelievable that the Republicans think they are doing something for the good of the country. John Boehner has an opportunity here to act sensibly but he appears to be caving in, too bad as I think he is actually a moderate.

    I am impressed, as usual, with your commitment to exercise and diet Jean. I ran 4.5 miles this morning and my knee is sore. Hopefully only temporarily.

  3. Sorry to hear about your back but the alignment and swimming seemed to help. Hope it feels 100% soon. The boys definitely couldn't care less if they were ridden or not I'm sure.

    As for your political rant. What rant, it's just stating the facts with common sense. Which is sorely missing from the Tea Party and Republicans in my opinion. They are like a bunch of spoiled children who didn't get their way. I always thought any elected politician was supposed to do what was right for the country regardless of political affiliation. Doesn't seem like they got the memo.