Friday, October 11, 2013

More Trail Pics

Endurance Ride in Horseshoe Bend

Once again, I offer pictures of a trail ride through the beautiful New Jersey countryside.

This time it was a Horseshoe Bend Park in Kingwood Township, near Frenchtown, NJ.

Chris is on Nordisk, her young Arabian with the narrow blaze. I am riding JJ her seasoned endurance horse with the wide blaze, and Chris's husband, Larry, is on Juan, the seasoned gray endurance Arabian.

Never underestimate the beauty of our trails and forests. There were many fields too and trails through lesser vegetation. But the photographer caught us in the woods, having a wonderful time!

One of these days, I'll get some pictures of me riding my own horses, but it's hard when there is no photographer around. 

By the by, this ride was over 10 miles and it took us about 3 hours to complete. While we did trot a lot and did some cantering, the hills were very challenging and required a lot more walking and careful negotiation. 

I've not ridden many Arabians before, so I must say, these three horses really impress me. JJ is very surefooted and willing. They are also quite fit, unlike my Boys are now. I think Chance would have run out of steam halfway along. Guess I need to work on that. *G*

This was the day I forgot my half chaps. My legs were fine, though, so all was well. I still would have liked to look more polished for the photographer. 

JJ's hind legs were bandaged because he had apparently caught himself under the fence earlier in the week and he still had some scrapes that needed protection. It didn't seem to slow him down at all. 

Maybe next time. 


  1. Beautiful country to ride through. Looks like you're enjoying yourselves very much and the weather is cooperating. You look great! I'm starting to like Arabians very much too, since we got Sami. So smart and sensible.

  2. The woods ARE beautiful! Lucky you!

  3. for a youngster nordisk is VERY confident - every time you post a pic, he's out in front of the three of you. you defo need to get chance fit, he'd enjoy this as you know....

  4. So beautiful! I wish we had places like that down here. My part of NJ is all corn and soybeans, with some scrubby oak and pine thrown in between the farmer's fields.

    I really like Arabs. They have good minds, like a TB, but are much more sure-footed and brave. They are very clever, though, and if they realize they can get the better of you they'll take advantage of it!