Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Oh, Chance!

Silly Boy

I guess somebody needs some work to keep him out of trouble.

I went for my first indoor swim of the new season this morning. I managed to get in a hour's worth of swimming and water exercises before the pool hours closed for the midday. They were open from 11AM to 12:15 today. They have both earlier and later sessions, so I have ample opportunity to fit in m workout during the day.

Afterwards, I did a bit of shopping on the way home. Land's End swimsuit pieces on close out for 70% off the already reduced prices!! Since the reduced prices were at about 50% of regular, that was a steal. Needless to say, I stocked up...I have a vast collection of swim separates to mix and match so I hardly every have to wear the same suit unless I want to.

I am a bit of a "swimsuit junkie," I fear. But it's OK. It motivates me to get to the pool as often as I can.

I got back home with about an hour to spare before I needed to head off to the nutritionist. I am still working on losing weight and doing quite well. The only downside is that it's quite possible a lot of the new clothes I've bought will be too big.

Darn. That just means I will have to go shopping again.

Anyhow, back to Chance. As I was about to pull out of the driveway, I looked over to the barn and there was Chance with his head stuck out over the gate across the door to the inside aisle of the barn. Note here, he was on the inside, not outside where he was supposed to be.

The gate pushes in from outside and has to be pulled open from inside. Mr. Iamacleverboy apparently has figured out how to push his way in and cannot comprehend how to pull the gate open again to get back out, so he was stuck in the barn aisle.

Chance in the barn aisle is a wrecking machine. I must admit, today he was a little off his game. There were several horse sheets dragged about. The garbage can was dumped. The wheelbarrow lay on its side. A halter was dragged across the aisle into a pile of poo. A wash bucket was dumped, and various items from inside the feed room--which was fortunately blocked off--were scattered about on the floor. Aside from a plastic bottle of hoof treatment that spilled, nothing else was damaged beyond rescue.

I ushered Chance back out to the paddock, did a small cleanup job, and then headed off for my appointment.

As I left, I saw Chance eagerly drinking from the water trough. I guess his demolition job had left him rather thirsty.

Either I am going to have to be even more careful to latch that gate or teach Chance how to open if from the inside as well.


  1. Chance does sound like a one horse wrecking crew. They can really get into the silliest stuff.

  2. He is so clever and I do believe he knows it :-) I can just imagine the fun he had, pulling things down or knocking them over, checking out this and that. Hands on activities.

    How totally fantastic about losing weight and getting fit! I am excited for you! Keep it up!!!!

  3. Replies
    1. A bolt or lock is only as good as the person who remembers to lock it. In this case, I forgot. *sigh*