Saturday, August 31, 2013

Nothing New For Now

Just Thought I'd Post

As summer winds down here in New Jersey the temperatures are starting to moderate. They've been up and down most of August with cloudy days and rain. I have no real excuse for not riding the Boys, except that the flies--the big B52's--have been pretty annoying. The Boys go out to the pasture and gallop back in, even with their fly sheets on.

But, I still could have ridden. Motivation seems to be lacking again at the moment.

Silly. All I ever wanted was to have a horse in the back yard and now that I do, I don't ride.  Of course, I am no longer competing, so I don't "have" to ride unless I want to.

But, fall is coming with cooler weather and I will soon need a replacement for my 6-7 day a week swimming routine. I've been working out in the pool nearly every day for up to an hour at a time. I am slowly losing weight, according to plan and feeling rather fit.

Once the pool closes for the summer, my swimming option is 15 miles away at the college pool. If I follow my plan, I'll drive over twice a week unless I am substitute teaching, in which case I will swim after school anyhow. That will leave me five days a week in need of alternate exercise.

Walking is ever an option and I was really good at that prior to swimming season. So I will continue my walking and add riding to the agenda. No plans as to what to do specifically with the Boys, however.

Tucker and I will just pretend to be serious dressage masters. A lot will depend on how he feels physically as he gets more fit. I would like to teach him flying changes, but that's going to take a bit of work and I don't want his hocks to get sore on the process, so we'll just have to see how it all goes.

Chance and I will most like spend most of our time on the trails since we both enjoy it so much. But I do want to get him to a solid first level as that serves as a good foundation for just about everything else I might decide to do with him. I could ride in a show or two with him if I ever feel the urge, so I want him to be able to put in a good test.

Toby will be master of his own schedule. If he wants to go for a ride now and then, so be it. If not, that's just fine too. Either way, he's up for some coddling and cuddling, regardless.

At least I have a plan. It may not be the best, but now that I've written it down, I have to follow  it!

Motivation? Here it is, in print.


  1. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Sounds like a good and doable plan for the fall - here's looking forward to some nice fall weather for riding!

  2. Sounds like a good plan for the fall. I'm not very motivated right now either but I do love the cooler weather and less bugs.

  3. Fitness is the success of the summer! About an hour a day - impressive!

    I hope Toby's eye is better by now. As for Chance - everybody needs a solid trail horse! It's so much fun!