Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Ride in Jeans

Out on the Trail

Scott came to shoe today, kind of confusing my plans for the day.

Not to worry. I managed to get everything done anyhow.  I was going to go to Tractor Supply in the morning to get some bird seed and alfalfa cubes. This is a bit of an undertaking because the store is perhaps 40 minutes away.  But the price on the bird seed is so good, it's worth the drive. And the alfalfa cubes are a dollar or more cheaper than the closer feed store.

Scott finished up around 1:30 or so and I was out of here soon after.

Did my shopping, drove home, had some lunch and it was time to go out to take care of the Boys for evening feed.

Now to the jeans. I had several pairs in the closet that had gotten too tight for me as I'd gained weight. Lo and behold, so far the two pairs I tried on now fit--with some room to spare. I was too lazy to swap over to riding breeches, so I put on my paddock boots and headed out with the intention of taking Chance on a short trail ride.

Actually, the jeans didn't feel too bad once I was in the saddle. I wouldn't want to ride for a long time in them, even though I used to do that all the time, but they were fine.

The only mistake I made was not working Chance in the arena for a little while before I headed out. That would have taken the edge off him. He was decidedly frisky on the way out. Not bad, but ever ready to jog off at the most inopportune moments--such as when I needed to duck under a branch to keep from getting my head knocked off.

We rode all the way out to the back field through the woods trails and found out that it was still possible, though a bit messy to get back out to the road along the field through the partially cut brush under the power lines. Not the best terrain, but navigable. Then we went along the other powerline road where it's usually flooded.  Despite the rain we've had, the roadway was dry so that was good.

We made the hairpin turn back along the cornfield and there I set Chance into a trot.  He was a good boy and it took the last little bit of silly out of him. Then we walked along the edge of the woods to the trail back home.  We were out for 35 minutes or more all told with that nice stretch of trot.

It was rather windy on the way back, making me think some kind of weather front was coming through. I suspect it's some cooler air as it's been back up in the 80's during the day.  That felt good and the wind kept any hungry flies from bothering us.

All in all, a nice day with much accomplished.


  1. got more horse time that me, then.....

  2. Congratulations on the jeans fitting again! Sounds like a nice ride and a good day all in all.

  3. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Sounds like a good outing - we're much cooler today so maybe that's on the way to you.

  4. Fun! Congrats on the jeans fitting!