Saturday, February 09, 2013

Well, It Did

Snow, That Is

At first it seemed we were going to luck out with just a few inches of snow, but after dark, the heavier part of the storm hit us.

Now, mind you, what we had hear pales in comparison to the 24-34 inches in some of the New England States, but it was enough.  I measured 7 inches, but the official reports from my Township said it was 10 inches.

Suffice it to say, the driveway needed plowing.  Sweet Kubota and I were out there for perhaps an hour and a half doing a good job of clearing.  I started out at around 7:30 AM, mostly because I didn't want to wait until the rest of the world decided to go out driving--ending up on my road as they usually do. Traffic here is bad, and the cars and trucks do not slow down if they see a tractor across the road.

So, with the road snow covered itself--plowed, but still pretty white--I had a chance to push the snow across the way out of the ends of each driveway. (My driveway loops around my house so it had two ends.)   I still had to watch and wait for cars and one or two big trucks, but it wasn't too bad.

Once I was done with the pass through, I cleaned up the back yard part and the area in front of the garage.

Then, I pulled out my new snowblower. It started right up with one pull, which was nice.  It worked pretty well clearing the area directly in front of the garage doors, but I will need some practice to figure out the best way to use it. I also widened the sidewalk path from the house with it.

Lesson learned....blow the snow in the direction of the prevailing wind, not into it. I turned into a snowman myself with the snow I was blowing blew back on me!!

I was going to take some pictures of the Boys in the snow, but by the time I finished all my chores--including shoveling a path to the manure pile--I was worn out and a bit cold.  I ended up spending the rest of the day until feeding time inside.  I only went out to get these pics near the house.


  1. Pretty photos. I'm glad it was not too savage out there.

  2. There's always tomorrow to take pics of the boys in the snow. Tractor worked, snowblower worked, power stayed on - thumbs up for, finally, a lucky break. I just looked at the Portland, ME paper and so far they have 32 inches of snow! I will get a number from my sister tomorrow.

  3. Nice plow job and good lesson about the wind with the snow blower. It's really cold out there now, I don't blame you for staying in side. We got about 28 inches and its really been blowing it into huge drifts. We're plowed out and haven't lost power or cable so that's a plus! This should melt with the warmer temps coming next week (40's). Then I'm sure the mud won't be as pretty as the snow. Hope this is the last storm for us for a long time. I think we've had just about enough.

  4. Glad you survived the storm - that driveway looks like a long job!

  5. I know clearing was a lot of work, but your farm looks SO pretty in the snow! Glad the machines cooperated. ;D

  6. glad you got off relatively unscathed...

  7. It looks beautiful from here! ;D All we got was rain, which did not help the mud situation, but is still better than snow.

    Good advice on watching the wind direction. I frequently forget that, and get stuff blown back into my face.

  8. I know, I know, grass is always greener, but I wish I had gotten all that snow!!!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond