Sunday, February 10, 2013

Taking It As It Comes

The Boys and Kitties Face Mother Nature

We whine and complain when the weather's bad. We shudder at the snow and shrink from the rain.

But we are, as Desmond Morris named us, "The Naked Ape," and need protection from Mother Nature's whims.

Our animals perceive the world differently and simply, "take it as it comes."  They have a limited ability to modify their worlds so they accept.  I do put sheets and blankets on my horses, although I know full well that if allowed to acclimate to the seasons, they'd be fine without. But I do think they appreciate the extra protection from the wet or, better yet, the bugs.  Since Toby's colic last weekend, I put his midweight winter blanket back on.  I will probably have to change it to a sheet this week when it warms up, but for now he has a little extra warmth for the cold nights.

I still haven't gotten any good action shots, so here goes a gallery of horses, "just standing around," and some barn kitties doing their "things."  Peppercorn is the all black boy kitty. Calliope is the calico indoor/outdoor mommycat, and Misty is the gray stripey who kept trying to get out of the camera's eye every time I tried to get a good picture of her.

On with the show!!


  1. They all look adorable! And very comfy cozy. Whenever I try to take their pictures they basically stand there and look at me like I'm crazy so it's hard to get action shots.

  2. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Great (still) photos - not too much running around going on! Everyone looks pretty content.