Monday, August 13, 2012

While the Grass Grows

I Mow Again

The grass keeps growing this summer despite periods of really hot days. The intermittent thunderstorms are just enough to perk up the crabgrass and weeds, of course.

So I had to mow the lawn again.

And the Boys are spending time actually grazing in the riding arena. The surface may be sand, but around here nature uses any opportunity at all to take root.  Since I haven't been riding, the grass has taken hold. I'm sure it will pull up as winter approaches and I drag the arena more. But, oh, my goodness, in the meantime, it's pretty green out there.

And the bushes and other weeds have really taken over along the fenceline. I honestly cannot keep up with it as I have neither the energy or the strength to deal with the growth.

Then too, of course, most of the days recently have been really hot and that puts me off completely. When I was younger, I could bear up in the heat. No more.

I also have to do some bush trimming along the driveway where the lilacs and maple saplings seem to be trying to take over. I guess I will have to do a little at a time until I get things under control.

Were I in a better financial state, I would hire a yard company to deal with some of this stuff, but my budget it too tight at the moment. Things may ease up, eventually, but it's not to be so right now.

It is kind of fascinating. Behind my riding arena used to be a farm field that my grandmother used to plant. When she stopped farming, she leased the land to a local farmer. You'd never know it to look at it today. It is a total forest.

My grandmother's house has been torn down and her property--now part of the State Park--is also virtually total forest as well. It hasn't been dozens of years either.

Around here, you have to beat back the forest if you want to keep some open space.

Nature insists on having its way. It's a blessing and a curse.


  1. We were heading into drought territory until a week or two ago. Daily rain has the vegetation in overdrive now.

    That's what keeps me in business. (I'm a landscaper) Thank you mother nature!!

  2. During the drought and heat wave the grass wasn't doing very well. I can always count on the weeds to do their part though. Since we've had some rain everything here is out of control too. Just dragged our outside ring to get ride of the weeds in there. I really have to start riding more regularly to stomp them down.