Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Colbert Rides Dressage

What a Great Horse to Take a Lesson On Conchita, a 14 year old Hanoverian mare, owned by Michael Oyson was the mount of choice. Mr. Oyson is on the Phillipine dressage team, and has won numerous Grand Prix tests riding this girl. We are not talking child's school horse here. Conchita does spook, probably at the cameraman, and if you notice, Colbert sits that out really well. His seat at the passage is darn good too, making me pretty sure he's done some riding in his life. Rumor has it he rode dressage as a child, but it looks like there's been some more recent saddle time than that. I'm glad too that he's wearing a safety helmet, even though he did have a top hat to wear instead. Last question: what competition hands out jeweled tiaras as a prize? That is just plain unusual, as far as I am concerned. Anyhow, hope you can view and enjoy this adventure into the world of "frou frou" dressage.
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Stephen's Dressage Training Pt. 2
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  1. He was very funny. It looks like he may have ridden before. That was a decent spook and he stayed on. I can't imagine what competition would give out tiara's either. Looks like my 3 yr. old granddaughter's Cinderella one. Nice horse too.

  2. "this video is not available at this location" so i can't watch it...

  3. i wouldn't mind a ride a nice horse like that :-)
    yeah, when i watched the episode last night i got the impression it was not his first time in the saddle. and that tiara was pretty bizarre... i've never seen one of those awarded anywhere either, not even in frou frou dressage ;-)

  4. That was hysterical. Thanks for the link. He has definitely ridden before - he was straight and effective with his seat way more than a first timer could ever be.