Tuesday, August 07, 2012

And Tucker Earns a 90%

While The B52 Aborts Chance's Score

Every time the Olympics come around, I love to pretend I am riding there, scoring way above everyone else in a Grand Prix test. Today was no exception.

I was out in the arena during the lunch break in London--something like 8 AM or so here. It was the first truly cool and not too humid morning in weeks. My arena was still in shade and it was quite pleasant riding.

I rode Tucker first.  After a short warmup--neither he nor I am exactly fit for a long schooling session--we performed Olympic First Level Special Test Number Whatever. The Boy was a star. Leg yields were fine as was all the rest of the trot work. We were heading for a 98% score when I asked for the right lead canter depart and Tucker laid back his ears and simply refused. I didn't have my whip, so I slapped him on the should with the rein, at which point he half reared, and then lifted himself into the canter.

Ooops....no good score on that one. He is very opinionated and does not like to be corrected. I'm not sure why the canter is still and issue, but since we weren't in a real frame and he probably wasn't exactly prepared by me to canter, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. His indignation at being slapped was obvious, but it did make the point and he was fine for the rest of the ride.  Obviously, his score suffered from the disobedience, but the rest of the test was so perfect, he earned a high score of 90%--good enough, I'm sure, for the gold medal.

Chance was next and after another short warmup, we started to ride Olympic Training Level Special Test Number Somrthingorother/ We made it through most of the trot work when competition was disrupted by the arrival of one rather determined B52 Bomber Fly.

Because it had been so cool and lovely, I had not dressed Chance in the protective bug armor, but just used some Mosquitp Halt fly spray.  Apparently, despite it's rather noxious odor, the spray does not deter B52's. Now, Chance has never bucked with me, but he was certainly getting fussy and really distracted by the evil bug's attack.

Discretion was once again the better part of valor, so I called it quits, dismounted and got Chance and me back into the barn as quickly as possible.

Competition aborted. But the rest of the ride was lovely with nice trot and canter, so I suspect he might have earned that elusive 98% if we'd been allowed to continue.

Better luck next time....as soon as the next lovely day arrives.


  1. GO Jean GO! Ah, Tucker. He didn't get away with refusing and he must know that you will insist. Ever hopeful, they are.

    Bad bugs!

  2. Sounds like Tucker's a shoe in for the gold and Chance for the silver! Glad you competed and won. :)

  3. Sounds like a tough competition to Valegro. the Brits should watch out for this american threat!!! HAHAHAHA

    You are always super-fit to ride two horses§

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