Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Snowstorm Helps Out!

Early Farrier Visit

Since the storm knocked out power to so many places and so many tree branches were still down, Scott, my farrier had open time yesterday (Tuesday). He was planning on coming on the weekend but when he called me and found out I had both power and a clear span to the barn, he came right over.

Perfect timing. It was exactly what Dr. Klayman had hoped for. That meant Tucker's hoof would get a good going over, trim, and treatment.  Sure enough, Scott worked on the hole in Tucker's sole, trimmed much of it and medicated it. He then said turning Tucker out was fine. I should wrap the hoof first--even knowing a wrap would not stay on--then clean and wrap it again when I brought him back in.

Then Scott pulled Toby's shoes so he'll be barefoot again, especially for the winter. I will have to watch him for any signs of laminitis or soreness, but he was fine before, so I am not really expecting any problems. I'll just pay special attention to him.

That left Chance. Scott was half way through the trim when he called me over to show me a hole in Chance's sole--near the front hoof wall--in almost exactly the same spot as Tucker's abscess. Chance was fine for the hoof testers, but the hoof was decidedly "squishy" there and now we think his lameness was indeed caused by a hoof abscess--just like Tucker.

I am now theorizing that I have a magic hoof boring parasite on my property who has a taste for right hind feet only!  I will be on the alert in case it makes another assault. *VBWG*

Since I'm pretty sure the hoof issue was the cause of Chance's lameness, and he was already allowed some turnout, I surrendered and put him out with the other two for the bulk of the day. I've closed them off in the riding arena and pasture so they will stay out of the mud.  They have both water and shelter, so it's a good situation.

There hasn't really been any running about either. I spent about three hours out there doing some chores----and no horse even so much as galloped a stride. It is a lovely, sunny day and I think they were just enjoying the freedom.

Kubota and I

My tractor and I spent the afternoon working. First order of business was to remove the huge tree limbs that had fallen on, around, and in front of the horse trailer.  I am ever impressed with Kubota's power and, if I attach the tow line just right, how efficiently it can move some pretty big objects.  I dragged the limbs out to the west paddock and pushed them into the briars and bushes that have overgrown my fence. I can't clean the undergrowth out as it starts on my neighbor's property line and is an extension of his heavy undergrowth. In this case, the tree limbs will serve as additional fencing along that side. *sigh*

I then decided to put some sand around the water trough in hopes of getting rid of some of the mud there. I also scooped a drainage path so water would run away from the trough instead of just in front of it.  I'm not sure if the sand will do the trick, but I made it pretty deep so if the mud does dry up without water to "feed" it, the sand might work. I really need some gritty quarry screenings for places like this, but at the moment, I can't afford them.

Then, I used the front end loader to clean out under the east run in shed.  It wasn't bad yet so if I keep cleaning it maybe I can keep it from becoming a huge job the way is usually does.

On the way to and fro from the manure pile, I began pushing the more spread out sections of the pile into the center. I didn't do as much as I need to in order to satisfy myself, but it was a start and I was having fun tackling a bunch of different chores rather than sticking to just one.

Which then led me to hook up the arena drag to groom my riding surface.  I had moderate success here because in a number of places grass and weeds have grown up since I hadn't used the arena all summer. But, if I keep at it, especially as winter ticks on, I should be able to clean the bulk of that out.

So, my little farm looks a bit tidier, my arena is ready for me to finally ride, and apparently, I have at least two horses sound enough to ride.  (Toby's back seems OK, but I don't want to push it.)



  1. I've just had to buy stone for my gateway, Jean and I need around ten tons for a second one, but that's not going to happen until spring. It's expensive, isn't it??


  2. I put 10 tons of screenings in my dry lot two years ago, you can't even tell they were ever there now. *sigh* I think the only way to do it is to install boards to raise the level of the area you want dry, then put french drains around it. More work and money than I want to spend. I put my water tubs up on 4x4s for the winter. Doesn't help with the mud, but it keeps them from freezing to the ground.

    Glad to hear you've got two rideable horses and a ring, though. That's really good news!

  3. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Glad things are going OK despite the weather, and that the boys are all OK despite their hoof issues - hope you get to ride soon.

  4. I am amazed at how much you got done today. How do your knees feel? I too love doing a wide variety of chores, perhaps not finishing them but getting a start on a lot of things. It's satisfying knowing what Chance's lameness was. I wonder why two of them got abscesses at the same time - ground conditions?

  5. Kudos to you Jean! You are a fantastic worker. What a work ethic!

    Take care of yourself too ^-^

    I am glad the horses are fine. It is funny how many hoof abscess ??? In 5 years of horse-owner ship, Only Linda (warmblood Princess) had one.

    Perhaps there is something in your horses nutrition ...
    Don't know it is a high recurency of hoof abscess.

    Any way I am glad they are all hanging out outside enjoying the last sunshine before winter.
    Over here it is still warm but grey, boooooooo

  6. Interesting that both boys had abscesses in the same areas. There must be a special abscess bug attacking them. Glad they're all doing okay though.

    You sure did lots of work today. Love those Kubotas too. Can you believe we still don't have power, our cable came back last night so we now have TV and internet. Thank goodness for generators.