Monday, November 14, 2011

I Have A Wheelchair

Need a GPS

I bought a wheelchair on eBay for $40 US.  It is virtually brand new and I have it already.

How?  The seller lives about 3 miles from me. I plugged in an eBay search for sellers within 50 miles and the first listing was the next town over. They had a low starting price and since it was local pickup only--no shipping--no bids other than mine. The auction closed at just after 4 PM today. I paid by PayPal and my friend picked up the chair two hours later.

A regular wheelchair is much better than an office chair on casters! However, navigating around my little house is a challenge. There are a lot of sharp turns, doorways, and narrow passages. I am learning how to manage the driving, but it does take some skill. Maybe an indoor GPS would help!! (Turn right....NOW!)

I'm pretty sure most of the problem with my knee is soft tissue strain/trauma, so resting rather than trying to limp around on it is probably better.

I did call the doctor today but no one was in--I think Monday is one of his surgery days.  I am mostly interested in how long I should expect having trouble walking before I really need to have someone look at it for me. Every day it has gotten a bit better, but it's hard to assess what kind of recovery I should expect.

Meantime, the weather has been gorgeous and I am stuck inside. I catch little glimpses of the Boys when they are near the barn, but that's about it.

Frustrating, but part of the whole mess.

One more test of patience.


  1. Yes, much better than an office chair! And a good deal to boot.

    As frustrating as it is for you, the fact that you can tell it's a little better each day means to me that the joint itself is probably intact and that the injury is to soft tissue. I am certainly appreciating my knees much more than I would otherwise.

    Thanks for posting - I have been thinking of you everyday and hoping for the best.

  2. There will be more sunny day ^-^ enjoy your time in to relax. I am emailing downloads that you might find interesting.
    Rest and heal, you will be cantering about pretty soon ^-^

  3. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Feel better soon - that must be very aggravating!

  4. The wheelchair sounds like much better transportation than the office chair. Great price too!

    Hope you're feeling better soon. Believe me I know just how you feel about this great weather and not being able to get out there and do something with the horses. Been sitting around here too waiting to feel good enough to ride. Hope the weather sticks around for a while longer yet.