Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bummer. I am Cursed

I Take a Tumble and Land...on my Knee!

I took Chance out on a trail ride yesterday. It was perfect weather and all was well until I hear the sound of an engine from somewhere behind us on the trail home. My brain went into survival mode and I decided to get off, not at all sure what Chance would do if confronted by an ATV and equally not as sure my seat in the saddle was up to par to ride out a big spook or buck or whatever.

Mistake. The motorcyle appeared around the bend, Chance bolted, and I fell off.  Of all the body parts I could have landed on, fate chose my left knee.  OK, there I lay, there went Chance galloping off for home, and there came the totally distraught cyclist, full of apologies.

Note here. The cyclist did not do anything wrong, except that riding on State property is illegal...He shut off his bike as soon as he saw us and was really upset about what had happened.

I bent my leg a few times--the knee still worked just fine--and managed by kind of doing a "plank" (for you Muriel) managed to get back to my feet. But as soon as I was upright, I knew I was in trouble. It hurt like the devil to put weight on my left leg.

With the cyclist's support, I managed the what seemed a really long walk home and sent him on his way after he let hysterical Chance back into the arena from the woods where he'd been locked out.  The bridle was broken, but he looked none the less for wear.  I took the broken tack off, leaving the saddle on only because all I really wanted to do at that moment was get into the house to call my doctor.

My surgeon's lovely nurse was pretty confident I hadn't done any major damage.  As long as my knee was bending OK and there was no huge swelling, it was probably OK, but I'd be "Seeing stars " for a few days from the pain.

With my crutches, I managed to get back out to the barn where I took the saddle off and then took nearly 20 minutes to get it safely inside as carrying something while on two crutches and only one functional leg was nearly impossible.  I fed the Boys rather painfully, and dragged myself back inside.

My night was misery.  I resorted to the full crutches as my left leg would not bear any weight at that point.  It wasn't and isn't easy. As a matter of fact, just to add insult to injury, at one point as I was turning to leave the bathroom, I fell down.

Cute. I had to scoot myself out to the living room so I could plank myself back up onto the couch where I ended up spending the night.

Curses.  I simply cannot do anything right now except hobble precariously about the house.

I have called the horsesitter to come back to take care of the Boys for a few more days and my neighbor will be doing the late feed until I recover.

Hopefully, I will get better and not need to go to the doctor. My leg is a tiny bit better tonight, so it just might be OK.

Nothing like a major setback to ruin a lovely recovery. *sigh*


  1. Anonymous6:57 PM

    So sorry to hear that - triple ouch! Hope things are able to heal up on their own . . .

  2. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear this! I am glad to know that your Dr. thinks it will be ok, though. I hope you still have some good painkillers left from your surgery. If not, ice and NSAIDS are good, too.

    I'm glad to hear the cyclist stopped and helped, too. I don't mind the cyclists and ATV riders, all the ones I have ever met were very polite and respectful of the horses. Plus, they keep the trails clear.

    I know "planking" well. When my back goes out, I end up planking quite a bit. It is a quite efficient means of getting yourself up and down.

  3. Oh my goodness I am so sorry. :(

  4. Thank goodness horses(mostly)head for home. I hope this isn't too great a setback. Darn it!

  5. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope your recovery goes quickly and you feel better soon.

  6. Oh Jean, you must feel so discouraged, not to mention the pain. But you must keep your chin up. The nurse's opinion is very encouraging and in a few days it looks like she thinks you should be over the worst part of it.

    So the cyclist was riding illegally on state property. I know he helped you and clearly was very sorry, but still he should not have been there.

  7. Bloomin' eck Jean! we keep telling you to take it easy!!!

    I bet you heard me cringe over the pond.

    I hope you are allright. Your great doctor will fix you if there is anything to fix. I bet you are just going to be sore for a while.
    RICE it

    R like REST or RELAX or RESTRAIN yourself to do so much DIY!!!
    I like Ice
    C compression not sure in your case??
    E like Elevation.

    If I were living closer to you, I woudl come to tell you off though ^-^

    Big hugs I am sure you will be soon (too) running around.

  8. oh nooooooo. do hope all recovers well... nightmare... hugs for you - and for chance! who was your best trail horse.....hope it hasn't put him off....

  9. Oh no, what incredibly bad luck :-((((

    I hope you are better today.


  10. Here is another set of positive thoughts I am sending your way!

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