Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Icing on the Cake

But It Sounded Like Rain

Maybe it was a bit of both.  I am pretty sure I heard some heavy showers while I was in bed last night.  There is a coating of ice on everything outside, so I guess we had some sleet/freezing rain too. Now, it is definitely rain, but I'm not sure that's good either.  Trouble is, tonight and tomorrow the temperatures are going to drop below freezing again. I don't know what the footing will be like for the Boys with that kind of situation.  Hopefully, the crust of ice stuff will not be thick enough that they won't break through to the snow beneath.

Either way, I'm going to use some of the old bedding/manure to cover the packed down paths they've made and the section in front of the water trough so they have some traction there.

As for me, I have some ice grippers for my boots, so I am fairly well able to get around without slipping.  I didn't realize how well they worked until I just went out to take some pictures. I was wearing my muckers without the grippers on them. I was not easy to walk safely.  I finally ended up literally digging my heels into the snow at each step and that let me break through so I had some "hold."
Icicles on the back porch. This is what keeps falling on the step at the back door.
 Lady and Gentleman cardinals awaiting their time at the bird feeder.
 The broken lilac bush.
 More impressive icicles on the house.
 The coating of ice on a broken branch.
Just another picture of the driveway for those of you who need a winter "fix."  

Toby and Tucker were on the west side of the barn this morning, and rather than walking around to get inside to their stalls, they waiting at Chance's outside door to come in through the center aisle. Tucker often does this, but it is not the usual for Toby. I am guessing they were both concerned about walking on the icy path around the back.  Fine by me, especially if they decide to stay in the barn on their own.  

I have a feeling I am going to keep them in tonight anyhow. If it does freeze up as predicted, I'm not too keen about having them out and about until I can assess the situation. 

Hey, at least the manure pile is near the barn so I don't have far to cart the stuff to make some paths.  Strange how there is always a positive spin on things if you just know how to look for it. 


  1. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Glad you're keeping a good attitude - your winter has to wear anyone down. I hate ice worse than anything - keep safe. We're getting clobbered by a huge snowstorm, to be followed by extremely cold temps overnight into tomorrow.

    Waiting for spring . . . saw a flock of bluebirds yesterday - a sign of spring but probably not the best timing from their point of view - hope they make it through the storm.

  2. Ugh. That is an impressive mix and beautiful and terrible. I certainly don't envy your up-close view.

  3. Good you are frozen, but all is well in Follywoods' world. I was worried because I heard on the news about a massive storm your way.
    Keep warm and rest.

    Spring will come, hopefully soonish ^-^

  4. Poor lilac! They're my favorites, I hope it will be OK.

    Be careful in all that ice! The storm missed us, but it's 50 degrees out there and the snow is melting. When it freezes tonight my property will be a skating rink. Winter stinks.

  5. glad you're ok - but i'd be inclined to see if you can get some help getting the icicles down, before they bring your gutters down (gutter repair people have been doing really well here...)

  6. Our place looks the same. Icicles and trees covered in ice, some branches down and I'm sure some of my bushes are broken by the weight. I love those ice grippers for my boots otherwise I'd be on my butt in no time. After tomorrow I hope it will warm up and melt some of this. Our driveway was like a sheet of ice today. This is getting really old, really fast.