Saturday, February 12, 2011

Feed Sale

20% Off At Rick's

Rick's Saddle Shop, my local tack/feed store has a 20% off all feed through the weekend.  Since the Boys were due, I bought.  I figured that five bags of feed would pay for one, so I got six of each.

Well, that's six bags of Healthy Edge and six bags of alfalfa cubes.  I only bought one bag of barley.

My math was about right as it all came in for what five bags each would cost.

However, it's all still in the truck. Except for the one bag of alfalfa cubes I took to the barn because I'd run out of them for the Boys' breakfast, the rest still rest in the back of the Durango.  I just ran out of steam as far as unloading goes.

The trick is going to be getting the feed into the barn since I don't have a path for plowed wide enough for a vehicle.  Fortunately--I hope--the snow has melted down enough in the track I had plowed from the storm before the last one that I think with the four wheel drive, I'll be able to back in.

If not, watch this blog for the story of the stuck truck.

Meantime, the Boys are still able to go out.  There is some ice here, but the snow cover is holding up, and aside from the few places where they have packed down the snow to make trails, the footing is pretty OK, at least for barefoot horses in the snow.

We'll have to see what happens over the next few days as the temps rise.  It will be OK during the day as the snow starts to melt, but I'm going to have to watch out when it gets cold again at night.  Since the Boys have 24/7 free choice turnout, I might have to keep them in for the nigttime freezes.

I guess only time will tell.


  1. Nice score on the feed! It is nice to buy in bulk, but I never do because I hate unloading and stacking feed and hay. *L*

    My husband always tells me I need to load up the horses like pack mules and make them help me load and unload. Somehow I don't think they'd be too keen on that idea!

  2. Boy, I wish our feed store would have a sale on feed like that. I'd be stocking up on beet pulp.

    Hope you have enough melting to accommodate your truck. It's hard enough unloading that much feed without having to track it farther.

  3. Good deal on the feed. Let's hope the snow melts and doesn't refreeze overnight into slippery ice.

    Good luck unloading. Stay warm.

  4. Here's hoping a stuck truck blog doesn't materialize. Our yard is a series of ponds and streams, melting fast in these warm temps.