Thursday, February 03, 2011

I Cee

But Not Completely

Except where the snow is either packed down, or melted into water...the ice was not a total disaster around here.  The crust on the snow itself is minimal, so it's easy to break through to the less slippery snow beneath.

I did put bedding and "stuff" down on the area around the Boys' water trough.  There is a clear area under the run in roof, and Chance's little path from his side of the barn to the big boys' side of the barn has its own layer of manure, etc, embedded.  Essentially, the footing was kind of OK.  From what I could tell, all three horses stayed pretty close to the barn most of the day.

Temperatures are supposed to rise above freezing for the next few days and there is a rainstorm on the way.  All this means no relief from winter's wrath.  But AccuWeather suggests that there will be a change in the upper air patterns by the end of the month and perhaps we will have a warming trend.

I have to think the horses are getting as tired of all this as I am.  At least they had some sunshine to bask in today. I wonder if they get cabin fever the way humans do?


  1. This winter sure has been a crazy one! Glad things were not as bad as forcasted... be careful out there.

  2. Glad things are a bit better than expected - hope you all do well through the next bits of bad weather.

  3. I am relieved that you didn't get inches of ice. That seems to take longer to melt than snow. So hopefully, with a few warm days most of your snow will melt so you can start over. I suppose the horses are bored but still they are lucky that they are not cooped up in a stall 24/7 as I am sure some horses are.

  4. I am so glad to hear, you are okay. Big warm cuddly hugs from Italy.

    It is sunny but freezing cold, everything is iced.

  5. This has been a weird winter. I think everyone is sick of it. I know my horses get cabin fever. They are quite expressive about it.

  6. I think the horses are just as fed up with this weather as we are. Hope that warming trend hurries in soon.