Monday, February 09, 2015

Picky, Picky

Horse Tastes

I gave each one of the Boys a nice healthy serving of hay last night from a new bale. The hay was from the same supplier and load where I buy it, so there was no change.

Except that this hay had a slightly different texture. It was less coarse, softer, and "grassier."  Well, apparently, the sophisticated palates of my little herd were offended. They each left a good healthy pile of good, uneaten hay in their stalls for me to find this morning.

Well, now. They certainly can't be very hungry if they leave good hay like that. It was fresh, well cured and just fine quality. Of all the hay I have, I thought it had the nicest texture.

Proves what I know about hay. I scooped it all back into nice piles in their stalls and gave them each a much lighter feed of the second bale--coarser stuff--I'd carted across the ice to the barn.

If they still have piles of uneaten hay in their stalls when I go back out for dinner feed, I am not going to give them any more. They'll have to wait until late night feed for new stuff. I'm hoping the "sit at the table until you finish your dinner" approach will encourage better eating habits.

I can't see a thing wrong with the first hay. I guess it's just not the right flavor of the month?

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  1. Sounds like they should have liked the new hay better by far. But then again there's no accounting for different tastes I guess.