Saturday, February 14, 2015

Awaiting the Arctic Clipper

Or Whatever It Is

Not much to do for the Boys as the frigid air comes in. They have shelter and they have blankets. They have hay and water as long as the power stays on. If the power goes out due to the high winds, I have the generator, which I hope will work this time to run everything.

I did a bit of research online and found that horses are generally fine even in sub zero temperatures as long as they have shelter and can stay dry.  All bases covered here.

I do remember well over twenty years ago that we had a dreadful cold snap. It was so bad I tried to wash something off the barn wall with warm water and the water froze to ice instantly. That was in February too, as I recall.

The problem with this cold front is the predicted wind. The huge nasty storm will pass east of here so we won't be getting the snow--sorry New England--but the wind gusts are supposed to be very powerful. All I can do is hope no trees fall on the power lines.

Which brings me to more news. I have a new neighbor. A very nice young man is moving into my Aunt's house next door. I walked over to introduce myself today. I only mention him because of the power worries. Apparently the electric company is having trouble figuring out where his house is located so he can switch the billing over.


Here's the problem. Our mailing address is Jamesburg. Our zip code is shared by Jamesburg and Monroe Township. Confusing enough. But, we don't live in Monroe Township. We live in South Brunswick Township. Jamesburg is in Monroe Township, however. I could add more confusion about how our road's name is similar to another road which is in Monroe Township, but I won't even bother. Suffice it to say that addresses have caused confusion in the past. "Back in the day" when telephone exchanges actually meant something, our exchange began with a prefix that was listed as Monmouth Junction, a town in South Brunswick about 5-7 miles from here. The telephone company listed our mailing address as Monmouth Junction--which had its own separate post office--instead of Jamesburg--the post office that delivers our mail.  Needless to say, things often went astray.

So, my new neighbor is struggling with the electric company so they don't turn off service to the house now that he owns it instead of my cousin.

I think a power outage would be the last straw at this point.


  1. we have that problem, not assisted by some local government reorganisation 40 years ago, and villages of same/similar name in other places with street names the same as well. but so far it hasn't affected the electric, and at least our post codes relate to just a few streets (if they use them..)

  2. Very windy here too. No snow yet today. I'm with you and hope the power stays on.

    We have the same confusing nonsense here with our address. We have a zip code for the next town over and that's were the mail comes from. So far though all the bills have found me. 😊