Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Off Topic, Fallen Heroes

Not Horses This Time

I am sorry to hear the accusations against Bill Cosby.  I am not one of those people who puts all kinds of celebrities on my list of most admired people. I am not a big fan of any rock stars, or actors, or politicians, in general.

My list of public people I really respect is very short.  But, of late, I have been repeatedly disappointed by the few people I have admired more than most.

First, there was Tiger Woods. What disappointed me the most about him was that he put on the facade of morality as a role model for sportsmen and young golfers.  Behind the scenes, he was another kind of person. Fortunately, I still respect his superior skills as a golfer and can admire all the hard work he's putting into reestablishing his career after all the scandals.

Then, along came Lance Armstrong. I was in awe of his cycling skills, his personal battle to overcome cancer and his efforts to better people's lives through the Livestrong Foundation. He fell from grace once he admitted to using performance enhancing drugs over the years in order to win. Apparently, he too is trying to remold his life and his image, but all those victories in one of the most grueling races in the world have been wiped out by his cheating.

Now, Bill Cosby seems to be falling from grace as well. Again, he was a man I admired. First, he is a stellar comedian with a unique perspective on human beings. I can still well remember two of his comedy routines I adored--one about a visit to the dentist office and another about a balky Volkswagen. Yet, now it appears this talented spokesman for education, proper behavior, and humor in our lives has lived a horribly immoral life and may well be guilty of some serious sex crimes.

I do not choose idols easily. Nor do I worship them as some fans might. Yet when one falls off the pedestal so dramatically, I still feel let down.

These men, of course, are not the only famous people who have lost their good reputations. One after another, celebrities seem to find it hard to be "good people" in the face of fame and fortune. Most of the time, they don't matter much to me. These three men did.

Lesson learned?  I doubt that I will look for true heroes much anymore.

Maybe it's another perk of my writing fantasy. I can create my own heroes and keep them from falling with just a flourish of the pen.


  1. i'll wait until the jury's delivered a verdict. but even then, who really knows? we've all seen verdicts go one way that we perhaps thought should have gone another..

  2. I've decided Adam Cartwright is my hero. Less conflict that way :)
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  3. My only question with the Cosby cases is why did they wait so long to come forward. We'll see what happens. I think that stars, politicians or whoever is in the spotlight are so insulated in their own worlds they lose sight of what's real and what's acceptable in the real world. I don't have any heroes so I'm not disappointed with anyone. Although, I always loved Roy Rogers and Trigger! Guess that's why I have a palomino.

  4. "why did they wait so long to come forward" the $50m dollar question. we've the same thing going on over this side of the pond as well. sometimes (often) it's because the power of the star leads people to think they won't be believed. other times? i do think some people are jumping on bandwagons...