Friday, December 12, 2014

Change Rein

OK, The Dressage People Understand the Joke

For the rest of you, we did a little modification of the book cover.

Herewith, the newer version:

Reins shortened, ears up more, Whim's eyes more open.

If you can do a close up look at the other Jamus in the waterfall, you can see he has a nasty look on his face.

See anything missing?

Into detail?

Here is the final version of the picture without the text. See if you can spot the difference. (Aside from the missing text.)


  1. Beautiful picture. The only difference I can see between the two is the logo of the horse on the jacket. Good luck with your books.

    1. You got it! The stallion crest on the tunic.

  2. His lower leg is a bit far back, and his toe is pointing down.... ;)

    1. My Artist and I went through several emails on proper leg position on another cover. I figure this time Jamus is leaning forward and standing on his toes as he gets "Into" the spell he is casting. Turns out, in the design program it can be very complicated to adjust the leg position in the stirrup.