Friday, March 21, 2014

Now I Am Worried

Watching the Weather

OK, so Spring is here. Big deal. It's nice today but.....

There is the chance of a major snowstorm next week. It could be the worst one of all.

Normally, I'd shrug my shoulders and say, "So what? I have the tractor, I have the snowblower, and I have a good shovel"

Trouble is, right now, I only have one good leg. I'm still not sure what's wrong--although my chiropractor will look at my Xrays today to see what might be going on--but my left hip hurts like the devil. In fact, I am just still just about getting around on crutches.

Again, so what? I have plenty of food in the house and as long as the power stays on, all I'd have to do is sit inside until it melts.

But, I have the horses and they need food and care. Getting out to the barn on crutches through a snowstorm would not be an easy task.  I'm not sure I could shovel my way out. The tractor is out there too but I'm not even sure I could climb on.

I do have a mounting block out there, so I suppose I can put it by the tractor. Or, if the storm does promise to come in, I could drive the tractor over to the house, cover it with a lot of ripped horse blankets and then plow drive my way out to the barn.  Aha! This IS a plan!!

So, what I have to do is watch the forecasts and hope for the best. The storm may go out to sea--best case scenario. But if it's going to hit, I will have most of Sunday to put the plan into action.

Once again, I guess crisis brings ingenuity.  Or is that desperation???

My X-rays did not show any bone/joint injury. Apparently it's all muscle and tendon. We can't quite figure out why, either. It may be an indirect result of the fall.  But it's on the other side of my body from where I landed. Could be the hip joint was over compensating. Who knows?

I called the Horsesitter to come out for a week to take care of the Boys for the two main feedings. I will do the late night. That eases the stress on my hip quite a bit. Debbie is a great person and super responsible. She'll have a little extra work to start as the stalls are rather a mess, but then it will ease off.  I'll do the meds as needed at the late feed, so she won't have to bother with that.

Oh yes, and my other blood word came back A-OK too. So I am a picture of health--except that I can't walk. *G*


  1. Jean, it sounds like a time to reach out for help and have someone on standby, just in case. You could do yourself irreparable damage, without knowing what's going on with your leg.

    1. I've called in my Horsesitter. She will do the AM and PM feeds and clean the stalls. I can do the late night feed. I hope she can put up some feed too if I go get it tomorrow. (on sale) I'll get some more bedding too.

      My X-rays were fine. Apparently it's muscle and tendon inflammation. I need to rest it as much as I can.

  2. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Hope you don't have to go to Plan B (or is that C?) - here's hoping the snow stays away from your area.

    1. Not looking forward to the Plan B or C options. Just the thought of a snowstorm is bad enough.

  3. I heard about this storm too. I'm hoping it blows out to sea.

    Isn't there anyone you could call for help if needed? Maybe the best scenario would be that if the storm does hit your leg will be healed by then. Fingers crossed for you.

    1. "Out to sea" is my favorite option. I am keeping a close eye on the forecasts. Need to get some hay and grain too, just in case.

  4. Geez - well I'm glad Debbie is there to help.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond