Tuesday, March 18, 2014


But No Laughing

I am using my crutches. My left hip/leg hurts like the devil.

My chiropractor is pretty sure it's still the aftermath of my fall off Tucker. It probably is, but that was a week ago, so it took a while. My L3 vertebra was out and he adjusted me, but as the day went on, the pain went from the outside of my hip to the inside.  I'm going back today for another treatment.

Hopefully I will feel better soon. I can get around the house OK on the crutches, but taking care of the Boys is another story altogether.

Thing is, working with any kind of disability makes a person very creative. I, for one, figure out all kinds of ways to do things. The biggest challenge is the hay.  My feed room has a step up, step down. I cart the hay from the carport to the barn door via a little cart. So far, not so bad, but I think today I may put a bale in the car and drive it over for later. Anyhow, instead of carrying the flakes to the Boys in one trip, I throw the flakes I need across the feedroom to the step down into the barn aisle. Then I cart them, one by one to each Boy's stall. Takes twice as long, but gets the job done.

I tried carrying water to the water tub by bucket since the hose was frozen....again!!! But that proved to be too much of a challenge. There was water in the tub to hold the Boys for the morning, so I am waiting to see of the hose thaws out. If not, I will hang the coil hose over my neck and limp out to the barn with it to fill the tub. It will be awkward, but I'll manage.

I keep telling Tucker it's all his fault, trying to impress him with the concept that his bucking me off was not a good thing to do.

Not sure if Tucker is the true culprit, but my back wasn't a serious issue until the toss off. Hopefully it will heal soon.

In the meantime, I am learning to be inventive.


  1. Well, that doesn't sound good at all. Hope your chiro can help you get this sorted out quickly. We do get inventive when we need too and you seem to be a master of figuring things out. Good luck and feel better.

  2. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Feel better soon - I hope Tucker is suitably chastened.

  3. well, cr*p!
    but I guess innovation is good...
    - The Equestrian Vagabond