Tuesday, February 04, 2014

OK, OK, Enough Already

Storm #2

I'll admit, the snow is pretty as it coats the trees and turns the world into a fairyland of white.

 Before plowing pictures.
After plowing.

But, enough is enough. Tonight there is more on the way with the possibility of sleet and ice as well. That could mean a power outage.

On the plus side of that, my generator is back and should be in top working order. As well, my tractor came home just in time to be ready for this last little winter treasure. We had at least 9 inches of a heavy, wet snow that was a killer to shovel. I'm not even sure my snow blower would have been able to handle it as it was so wet it probably would have clogged in the blades.

Kubota and I spent about an hour and a half digging my driveway out and helping one of the neighbors get their drive cleaned. I am pleased about that, of course, but the downside is that since the snow was so wet and heavy I had to drop loads of it along the side of the driveway to get it out of the way when the tractor could not push it any more. That means that a good number of drop spots now have piles of snow in them. Since there is the possibility of another BIG storm coming through over the weekend, finding a place to drop that snow is going to be tricky.

Ah well. No way to plan too far ahead. Coping with the idea of an ice storm over top of this snowstorm is enough crisis for me at the moment.

The Boys seem to be doing just fine. They have made a number of trails in the snow. It's kind of interesting tracking some of their movements. They seem to spend a fair amount of time in the paddocks at the side and front of the barn. Next favorite is the riding arena. The pasture was not too alluring, with only a few sets of horse tracks out there.
 Toby and Tucker. Toby is cribbing on the fence. *sigh* Tucker is looking for something. The younger Boys are wearing their sheets, but I am keeping Toby in a blanket.
 Chance, off by himself always poses for the camera.
Not too many trails far out into the pasture. They stayed close to the gate. 
 Rugged path to the barn. The ground was thawed underneath so I had to be careful not to dig up the dirt. That made plowing a mess and I left a lot of snow in the track.
 Looking into the fairyland of the forest. All those branches are weighed down with snow blocking the trail.
Down the mailbox driveway before I  plowed. It was definitely pretty, but not when you have to dig it all out. 


  1. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Very pretty, but very tiresome. I am so done with winter, but it isn't done with me yet.

  2. Beautiful snowy pictures. When the snow is wet it clings to everything and looks like a winter wonderland. Until you have to clear it. I shoveled some heavy snow. We only got about 7 to your 9 inches but it's still a pain.

    Can't wait for the next round. Not looking forward to the freezing ice. I'm sure we will lose power as usual. Glad I have a generator too.

    The horses look cozy. Love Chance posing.