Thursday, February 13, 2014

Call Me Crazy

But I Had Fun!

OK, so we were hit with another snowstorm. It's still here, even as I write. However, at the moment, it's raining instead of snowing.

But there were perhaps 10" of snow on the ground when I went out to feed the Boys this morning at around 8:30. Once I'd done all the chores, I decided it was worth it to fire up the snowblower and clean some paths. The snow was still not deep enough to challenge my blower, so I figured I'd get a head start on doing some serious plowing later with the tractor.

Well, my body must have craved the exercise because I found myself having a grand time out there with my 24" snow blower. (I only mention the size because it's not a really big one.)

Before I knew it, I had decided to open the mailbox driveway. It took four passes up and down to get the driveway clear, but I did it. Then, I began working on the area in front of the garage and finally, in another burst of ambition decided to open the other driveway as well.

I sprayed lots of snow on myself as the winds picked it up and threw it back at me. I had to work to turn the blower around as it only has one speed and that only drives it forward, not back. I had to push and lift now and then to get the blower through some of the heavier stuff where the street plows had filled the ends of my driveways in.

I was out there for at least two hours.

And I had a lot of fun! Just watching the snow fly through the air out of the way made me giddy. The physical effort energized me. I was having a really good time!

Now we may get another layer of snow later, and if we do, I am ready. I may decide to hop on the tractor and clear things out, or I just my start up my snow eating toy again and do it the walking way.

I hate the snow at this point in an overly cold and long winter, but for once, I had a smile on my face.

Call me crazy if you will, but I am a happy camper.


  1. Glad you had such a good time! Still snowing here. Guess it's at least a foot but should turn over to sleet. Got out there and shoveled off the front stoop and made an area for the dogs to go in. Can't say I had as much fun as you but at least some of it's done.

  2. Grown-up behavior is definitely for the birds. Rock on!

  3. You're crazy! Although, I see the attraction of watching the snow go flying around. I like running the lawnmower for the same reason. It's cathartic! *G*

    Looks like were getting some more snow tomorrow, you'll have another opportunity to play with the snowblower. Enjoy!