Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Obligatory Snow Pictures

And A Bit of Christmas

Nothing to report on the horse front. The Boys are fine and just kind of walking about in the snow wishing there were some grass to eat. There has been a bit of sun in between snow "events" so they do some sunbathing too.

I, despite my dislike of the darn white stuff, took the obligatory snow pictures...although I did not get any of the Boys because by the time the sun came out, they were in the barn eating dinner.

So, with the house decorated for Christmas, here you go:

I decided to plow the driveway, even though we only had about 4"-5" of snow at the most. Since we may get another storm over the weekend, I didn't want a layer of snow down already underneath the new stuff.

Besides, it was good practice.


  1. It looks very pretty and festive! We had an ice storm on Monday that was interesting driving out of here. I was happy to see the snow yesterday to sort of give better traction over the ice.

  2. You've got to admit - it is pretty.