Saturday, March 09, 2013

Meet Patrick

At Least I Think It's Patrick

I brought home my new little kittymate for Coco today. He is a buff tabby, and for now, I have decided to name him Patrick, in honor of his March adoption. He is a little older than Coco, but very playful, so I am hopeful they will make a great team.

So far there has been a lot of hissing on the part of the resident housecats, and lots of approaches by Patrick who does seem to be quite a confident little fellow. He is also very vocal and chirps and meows at nearly every advance.

I think he's going to be a big cat as you can see from how long he looks.
At the moment, Coco is a bit skepitcal. She and Patrick have sniffed noses, but she is keeping her distance.
Here, she is settled into The Box, which still sits in the living room after I unpacked my new computer chair.
The one thing I love about cats is that you do not need a small fortune to make toys for them. I just cut doors in The Box and it is a perfect kitty condo. String, a dressage whip, and a piece of green fabric make a great chase toy and bottle caps are always amusing.

I suspect it will take a day or two for things to settle down here, but so far I am impressed with Patrick's social skills.

We had several inches of snow during the nor'easter and for t while things were white and coated. But by yesterday afternoon it was already starting to melt and today, with temperatures edging up towards 50F, most of it is gone.

The horse boys seem most unimpressed with the snow and spent quite a bit of time in their stalls. I guess winter weather gets to them after a while too.

I am going to have to do some serious grooming soon as they are starting to shed.  As most horse bloggers have noted, that is one of the surest signs of spring ever.


  1. Patrick is super cute! I bet he and Coco will be besties before you know it. :D

  2. I hope they do get along, starting sometime soon! Lucky cats, they are!

  3. Patrick is very cute - sounds like he's starting to figure out his new place.

    Pie's been shedding since February, very slowly, but things are picking up now. Red has just started as well, Dawn is holding on to every hair of her fairly thin winter coat.

  4. You are a true kitty-magnet

  5. Patrick is a very cute guy. I'm sure he and Cocopuff will become the best of friends...when she comes out of the box! Lucky kitties.

    We managed a huge grooming on the entire herd today out in the paddock. It's so muddy with the snow melting it would be nice if everything would just dry up. No more snow for a while would be nice too.

  6. someone needs to tell the weather gods that it's spring, i don't think they noticed yet (and last march we had a heatwave...)

  7. patrick is a cutie!
    my boss said she saw Hillary up on the hill behind the house - Hillary, who was one of the 3 kittens who went missing last year - !!!!!! (same time my soul cat Sinatra disappeared). i find it hard to believe Hillary survived that long by herself... she was not the brightest cat in the lot. maybe it's just a wildcat. i have yet to spy her.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

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