Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter is A'comin' In

The Cold Arrives

It's snowing a bit now. We don't expect much, but even a few inches is impressive at this point after last winter.

Trouble is, whatever falls is not going to melt quickly with the dropping temperatures.

The Boys are now dressed in their winter blankets. I changed them over last night even though the real cold was not due until tonight. It will be in the low 20's F over the next few days. (20F= -6C)  with a low of 10F/-12C Saturday night.  Then it will warm back up to above freezing again.

It had to happen sooner of later. After all, it is winter.

Don't know about snow for sure but there may be some significant fall on Friday. I'm about as prepared as I can be. I have the new snowblower and will make sure the tractor is ready to go during the week. I hope I don't have to use either one very much, but I'm ready.

I do worry a bit about my hay supply. My hay guy brought over 20 some bales this week but they will not last much beyond next Tuesday or so. So if we get some serious snow, I'll be worrying again as I did during the aftermath of the hurricane.  I just may go pick up some spare bales myself to be safe.

It's important that the horses have plenty of hay and water as it gets colder. I did put the heater into the water tub yesterday, and despite the cold the entire tub was thawed this morning.  I'm glad because one time I bought a new heater and it didn't work. I still have the one from last year, but I tend to suspect that they really don't last more than a season. This is a submersible one and since I have a non-working element installed in the tub, I can kind of hook this heater to the stationary one and certain overly ambitious horses cannot pull the new one out.  (I can picture a rather interesting game of tether ball...or tether heater going on.)

I have a bit of a horseless hike planned tomorrow--taking someone for a walk in the woods. I think I can find all my proper winter finery to keep me warm.

I didn't need it last year.


  1. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Stay warm and hope you don't get too much snow. It hasn't been too bad a winter so far.

  2. I actually don't mind winter except for the ice. It makes walking with the horses to paddocks a little tricky. We're all set too. I hope this cold snap will kill some of the mosquito and flies off so they won't be as bad as last year.

    Your boys sound all snuggly and cozy. Stay warm!

  3. 10F is cold by anyone's standard. Maybe you should get some extra hay before Friday, just to put your mind at ease. And I certainly hope you have none of that tether heater going on. We have heaters in our water troughs all winter long and they work great!

    Enjoy your walk in the woods tomorrow. Snow is lovely when you are dressed for it. I have found that a headband (a thin fleece one) under a warm hat makes a world of difference. Rain pants over regular pants also makes a big difference. Maybe you will even like the snow?!