Thursday, January 10, 2013

Just a Little Lungeing

And a Bunch of Work

I stripped the last two stalls today and bedded them with fresh shavings. Either the bales of shavings are getting heavier, or I am getting weaker. Anyhow, I got the job done.

My hay guy came earlier in the day and we had a long chat about Christmas, his family, the ski season--his son runs a ski resort in Vermont--and the weather.  That had me outside in the sunshine for about an hour.

I'd let Calli--the mommycat dropped off during hurricane Sandy--outside and she was having a grand time exploring and being generally very friendly. I think she is one of those high energy cats that really does need to be outdoors. So I hope she can be in and out, off and on, at least when I am home and the weather is nice enough.

After I did the stalls, I poo picked the riding arena which was a rather exhausting effort, especially since Tucker "assisted" by toppling the half full wheelbarrow when my back was turned. He had the most innocent expression when I accused him, but since he was the only one there, it's pretty obvious who was guilty.

After the poo pick, I lunged Chance for a very short session. He was, as usual, a very good boy--a bit lazy at the canter, but responsive to my commands.

Then I lunged Tucker and he too was a good boy. I was pleased to see he had some nice forward energy on  his own without too much prompting and he never offered to buck.

Mind you the sessions were very short, but at least the two Boys got a little supervised exercise, and I got to see that both of them are sound and looking good.


  1. My guy has recently graduated from innocently chewing on the wooden handles of the poo filled wheel barrow to tipping it over with his nose while leaping very athletically out of my reach. Good times... ;D

  2. They can really get into trouble and all the time those innocent faces just have a way of saying "Wasn't me!"

    The lunging session sounds good for both boys. Nice to be able to go out and get things done while the weather cooperates.