Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Shredding Continues

But This Time.....

When I went out to feed this morning, I saw a puff of white stuffing by Tucker's outside stall door. Aha!! The Boys were all dressed in winter blankets. The detective in me suspected the worst, so I first examined Tucker's blanket.

Fine. Nary a rip.

Then I checked Toby.


That meant...yes, Chance, sporting a brandy new (Rhino) (Edited it's an Amigo)  midweight I had just purchased about two weeks ago.

No longer is it a brandy new Rhino. It had a large, L shaped tear in the left side.


Fortunately most of the stuffing is intact and the rip is pretty clean, so a stitch up job is quite possible.  I now have said blanket on the back porch awaiting my tender loving care and the sewing machine. Meantime, I put an old Roma thinsulate on Chance since it's not supposed to rain until tomorrow night. (Romas are not waterproof.)

I had a doctor's appointment this morning, then went to get my hair cut and ended up at a friend's house to see his new kittens. (Shy little ones but cute as bugs. They were born in the wild and are a bit wary of strangers, so all I really got was fleeting glances and one quick pet.)

All this occupied the better part of the day, so the blanket still waited for me. I just did a straight stitch job on it, with the seam on the outside since there was now way to sew the top layer with the seam underneath since the lining was still intact. It's not the best job in the world, but it will do fine provided no one decides to strike again.

I can testify, Amigos are not indestructible, despite any ads to the contrary. They are not the top of the line in the Rambo family, but I would have hoped it would have lasted more than a couple weeks.

But, these are my Boys.

I think someone bred a little shark into my equines.


  1. Those boys of yours are really destructive with their blankets. I feel for you and the sewing machine. But it's good you can patch them up. Apparently, you can't believe any of the ads for blankets, unless of course they are for horses who are in solitary. The kitties sound very cute.

  2. Ah, I feel your pain! My best Baker heavyweight has been on the back porch for two weeks awaiting repair. It's just a snapped buckle, but it needs to be washed before I bring it into the house. I have Vinny layered with a fleece cooler and a midweight Rambo right now.

    Sharks indeed!

  3. What a naughty boy he is. I have an idea. It's extra work though. How about a cover sheet over his regular blanket. That way he can rip the outer one, not the good one underneath. Course, once he rips that one, the underneath one will be exposed. I wonder if there is something you can spray it with that won't taste good to him.

  4. *Very smug smile* My mare has had the same rug for 3 years... Yes there is some advantages to own a mare ^-^

    Most of the boys (gelding and stallions) at the yard have torn rugs, and they are turned out in separate paddocks. But it does not stop them to tear apart each others rugs.
    Most mares have their rugs intacts ^-^ GRINNING.

    Boys have to be boys!

  5. How maddening to have such instant destruction of an expensive blanket! I too have found that mares generally leave their blankets alone. I have some Weatherbeetas that are about 8 years old and still in great condition.
    So far my new gelding has been good about leaving blankets alone. He came up here from South Carolina, so this is new to him. He gives me a "look" when I put the blanket on, but then he goes about his business.

  6. Just posted on Tetley blog too - iron on carpet tape!!


  7. Anonymous7:16 PM

    I love how the amigo blankets look and how they fit, but you are right, they are not at the top of the blanket food chain. I say food because some of my horses like to eat blankets... Poor, poor blankets never stood a chance.

  8. i've had mares had rugs wrecked by other mares so you've all been lucky!