Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rain Here

But Not Cold

It's kind of "Springy" outside with rain and fairly warm temperatures. That, of course, curtails the horse activity, although the Boys were out frolicking before breakfast. I'm guessing that standing in the stalls or under the run in shed for most of the night inspired some activity this morning when the rain let up.

I had to take Tucker's orange sheet off and put on another waterproof one--fortunately I found a spare that was not too torn--because all the repair work I had done, including the rip in the side, had been undone. The surcingle was gone again as well.  I did get the sheet off before it got wet, but it's lying on the back porch for now until I figure out just what to do. I am wondering if using the zig zag stitch on the sewing machine is the problem. This time I will used a smaller straight stitch to see if that holds better.

I just saw the garbage collect truck drive past and suddenly realized it was actually Thursday, pick up day, instead of Wednesday.  This is a sad state of affairs, but not totally shocking for me. When I was teaching and had the summer off, it often happened that I'd lose track of just what day it was. Now that I am retired, the whole concept of the week can get "misplaced" pretty easily. Without a set schedule dictated by outside forces, what day it actually is really doesn't matter.

All that being said, I did have appointments this week and should have realized that I was at the eye doctor for a check up yesterday--Wednesday, and not Tuesday. Ah, well. My garbage and recyclables did not go today so I will have another week to collect a more impressive amount.  And, I will remember to go to choir practice tonight as well--Thursday......

Of course, the Boys don't care what day it is.  Seven days a week, they still need the same care and regular feeding. There is now weekend sleeping in late for me, although I have made the morning feed a little later than it was when I was teaching every day. Having animals at home is a big responsibility with some drawbacks well outweighed by the advantages.

At least that's my opinion. I don't have to drive anywhere to check up on them and I know exactly what they are being fed and when. I am aware of every aspect of their care and maintenance from veterinarian to farrier to trainer and handler. Nothing is left to chance--well, aside from Chance who has his own agenda in life including ripping Tucker's blankets.  But it also ties me down or challenges me to find alternatives if for some reason I can't do some of the chores.

Thankfully, I have found a wonderful horsesitter, Debbie, who took care of the Boys after my recent knee surgery and so far has been available on short notice for a day here and there. She took care of the Boys on Christmas Day so I could go to my cousins's house for the day, for example. While I do have to pay her, it is well worth the money to have someone I can depend on in a time of need.

Meantime, it's all up to me, no matter what day it is.

Even if it is Thursday.


  1. I did the exact same thing yesterday when I got up. Was in a panic to get the garbage out until I realized it was Wed. and not today Thursday my normal pick up day. My daughter and son have these boards in frames with calendars on them that you write in your activities(or the kids) just to keep it all straight. They are erasable too. I may have to get one. Think they were from Pottery Barn. A mind is a terrible thing to lose...;)

  2. a boon knowing there is someone reliable to look after one's horse if needed (she says, feelingly! LOL)

  3. We have to do the same thing every week on particular days otherwise we just completely forget what day of the week it is!

    Hunting is Saturday, of course, but curry is Friday and McD breakfast is Sunday.

  4. HAHAHAHA I like Caroline routine!

    Yep to know where you are ta, you need a routine. I follow my son's. Otherwise it is cleaning, cooking washing every day!

    The Boys give you lots of patchwork to do!!!