Monday, June 19, 2006

With a Capital "T"

I Should Have Called Him "Trouble"

My aunt, who lives next door, nicknames Tucker (Doitright Tobe) "Trouble." This is mostly because, as a young rambunctious horse, he is always stirring up some kind of action out the in pasture behind her house. Today, the nickname fit too perfectly.

When I went out to feed this afternoon, I found the metal gate that closes PJ's stall off from the aisle of the barn lying outside his stall under the run-in, with a horse shoe lying on top of it.

Don't ask.

I don't have an answer.

Obviously, it was Tucker's shoe, neatly pulled off his right front hoof. Of course, I have him entered in a show on Tuesday. Of course, I was getting ready to go to a dinner party. Of course the gate was bent to the point of being unsuable. Of course Tucker looked quite pleased with himself, although I must admit he did seem at least a little wary when I picked up the bent gate to see if I could rehang it.

He never ceases to amaze me with finding ways to get into mischief. Bad enough that he should have taken the gate out of the hinge rings holding it up, but to pull off his shoe?????

So now, the temperature is soaring into the 90's, I have to leave him in his stall all day so he doesn't break his hoof up before I can get the shoe back on. I put in an emergency call to my wonderful farrier, but I haven't yet heard back. If worse comes to worse, I can get the shoe put back on at the horse show.

Times like this I guess my aunt it right. Is should have called him "Trouble."

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